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Universal Studios Resort: Stop discriminating against the disabled, they are just like everyone else.

How dare a family amusment park, make anyone no less a child, feel like they dont belong. Families go to make memories, especially with a sick child or person. A change is needed and it is needed quick. We want to change the way a inexperienced amusement worker gets to chose who does and does not go on. Guidelines need to be followed. A family with a disabled or sick child does not need harassement anywhere but especially on a make a wish trip, is where it happen to our family.

I never imagined this would happen at a amusement park, no less her make a wish trip. Leigha is disabled, she didn't treat anyone wrong. So why this kind of treatment? Discrimination comes in many ways. We experienced it first hand. It was hurtful and disgusting. Universal Studios Resort Florida treated her like she was not worth their time. The manager was rude, abnoxious. He embarrassed , harassed and made us feel like we in the wrong. So, please help us change how they treat and look at the disabled. The change begins with us...

A little describition of the ride and Leigha's Story.

This slow moving ride is great for kids as you get to take a tour of Seuss Landing up in the air, with an amazing view of Islands of Adventure. Children between 34-48 inches must ride with an adult on ride.


We went from downstairs where we were escorted by a worker . We asked if Leigha was allowed on they said yes. We were brought to the elevator and went upstairs. We waited for the girl to help us and she asked us to line up at the numbers. We did. Then a young man came over and asked if she could walk we said no. He said she couldn't ride. We then explained it didn't say that, and that they just let someone on that couldn't from a wheelchair , who needed to be lifted up. He then said ok she can ride, but can she hold,her head up? Yes, can't you see she is? He said that she couldn't I said that was news to me and I am sure the therapist. He then said can she support herself and I said for a couple mins yes. He said it had to be six mins. Are u serious? Now we are getting power muscles here. Then I asked for a manager . The manager took about 10 minutes to come. And he said we need to measure her. He asked how tall she was and I said last time at the dr she was 34 inches. He then said she needed to lay on the ground to be measured . I asked where the measuring tape was? He said the front office I said are u kidding.. Now I would have to stretch her out and he wanted her to lay on the floor. She can't extend by herself,she has tightness in her muscles. After about another couple minutes of going back and forth , we left. No ride and harassed ..seems like a young manager thinking he can treat people that way. Universal should rethink how they treat people. We actually left and never went back. It truly was the worst experience we ever experienced .How could u guys ruin a make a wish trip Or anyone's trip .We have gone there every year . She can go on the tea cups,( I didn't allow ) but did do  one fish two fish and they saw how tall she was and my measurement from dr. He didn't want to hear it at all... But yet had every reason not to allow her on.


So please sign and pass this on, cause NO one needs be alone in this fight.. Lets make a change.

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