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Petition For Spinosaurus To Have A Cameo In An Upcoming JP/JW Movie Or Have a Team Up

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The goal of this petition/community is to see the Spinosaurus in an upcoming Jurassic World movie WITHOUT FIGHTING A TREX. It could be a quick cameo scene like the dilophosaurus in JW or like the ceratosaurus in JP3, or an entire scene about the Spinosaurus, as long as it doesn't face off against a Trex. What would be even better to bridge the gap between Rex and Spino fans would be to have the two dinosaurs team up against a stronger dinosaur or hybrid. Fans of the Spinosaurus want to see their hero return without the fear of its demise in the movie, despite what happened in Jurassic Park 3 with the Trex. An end to the conflict is not reached through a face off the two great dinosaurs. The picture is figurative not literal.

There’s a petition to have a rematch between the two. Truth is that that does not solve the wound created by the fight in Jurassic park 3. The word going around for a rematch is that it “established Spinosaurus as a superior species,” while there is nothing IN THE FILM that establishes it as superior. Fights in nature are short and urine contains hormones that smell attractive to all sorts of other animals, not just predators. Not to mention that we only saw ONE fight, which is not enough to conclude that the Spinosaurus will always beat the Trex. Having the rematch will not solve anything. If anything, it will make everything worse. Even if the Trex does not kill the Spinosaurus but the Spinosaurus still loses the fight, many Spinosaurus fans will still be mad at the fact that it lost. If another fight HAD to happen between the two, best thing is to either have it end as a tie between the two, with both dinosaurs being heavily damaged yet both walk away with no definite winner, OR leave the winner of the fight open ended, with the audience not seeing who won the fight, yet we see both dinosaurs again later in the film.

It happens, it happens. If there was a prefight between a team up with no fatality but with the rex winning though spino will not die, such an outcome will still anger spinosaurus fans and a team up will possibly not heal that. The difference between the rex fans anger and the newly created anger for spino fans is the fact that rex fans had 16 years to slowly cope with their loss, and a team up would be the final closure they need. For the spino fans however, you cannot piss them off then imediately add in a team up and expect them to forget the fact that spino would have lost in the pre fight against the trex had the stronger opponent not interrupted. 

The important thing to note is that Spino’s death does not solve the problem, but that does not mean that Spinosaurus fans never get to see their favorite dinosaur in another movie and Rex fans will always be on the opposing side of Spino fans. All that we ask is to see a Spinosaurus in the film for at least a few minutes or have Spinosaurus and Trex work together against a common enemy. If you want to see the Spinosaurus return in an upcoming Jurassic World movie or fight alongside Rexy or any Trex, sign this petition and become part of our community. Together, we can see Spinosaurus return and, better yet, heal the wound that JP3 created!


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