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Illumination Entertainment Should Create an Overkills Origin Movie!

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As we all know-Minions the Movie explained the Origins of the cute, pill-shaped little mayhem makers that we adore, love and see as emoticons around the net even on facebook and merchandise of them has popped up globally. It ranked highest in the top movie of the summer and it is coming out in november from what I researched.

BUT! We all know who the real stars were in the movie-THE OVERKILLS! The lovey-dovey, passionate, sadistic, evil, groovy couple Scarlet and Herb Overkill caught out eyes and stole our hearts as they were on screen during the movie-but is there no merchandise for them? NO spinoff book that tells their origins or how they came to be? NOT EVEN duets or their backstories. We just know Scarlet grew up a street urchin and was despised by those around her-that's it! KAPOOT!

But then Heather Massey came along and wrote a fanfic screenplay depicting the Origins of the Overkills and I read every part, every page, EVERY WORD-AND IT is glorious! And I thought "WHY IS THIS not a movie! It should be a movie than words on digital paper or plain paper!" So I've made my goal to help turn Heather's dream into a reality and to do it we need to get Universal Studios and Illumination Entertaiment's attention on this! WE THE Overkill fans want a movie dedicated to these two! IT'S GOTTA be done! 

So please spread this petition around! Raise your voices! Call, contact, mail and email illumination entertainment and universal studios about this rare jewel just waiting to be on display and be stolen by the Overkills just like our hearts! SO WHO HERE WILL ANSWER THE CALL!

Illumination Entertainment Contact info:

(To send fan-mail):

Illumination Entertaiment
2230 Broadway
Santa Monica, California 90404-3411
United States

(To call)

Phone number: (310) 593-8800


Universal Studios Hollywood contact info:

(To send fanmail)

Universal Studios Hollywood

100 Universal City Plaza,

Universal City, CA 91608

(To call)

Phone number: (800) 864-8377

Also from universal studios regarding a question:

How can I contact a certain actor/actress or filmmaker; does he/she have a fan club
or address that I can send mail or email to?
Not all talent or filmmakers have a fan club or an established company address, or even a website, where they can receive fan mail. If you do not know of a resource where you might be able to find this information, then we recommend sending the fan mail to the following address and it will be forwarded to the appropriate parties.

National Publicity
Universal Pictures
100 Universal City Plaza
Bldg. 2160/8H
Universal City, CA 91608

Attn: <Insert Talent/Filmmakers Name>
<Insert Film Title>

So go my fans! GO AND show this around! LETS MAKE THE overkills movie happen!

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