Add ‘planet : Earth’ to all official addresses! - I AM AN EARTHIAN by Shailendra Singh

Add ‘planet : Earth’ to all official addresses! - I AM AN EARTHIAN by Shailendra Singh

14 October 2021
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Why this petition matters

Started by Shailendra Singh

Hi. My name is Shailendra Singh. I am an Earthian.

Since the beginning of time, the use of ‘divide and rule’ by powerful people has managed to segregate humankind. But in 2020, COVID19 showed us that we are not that different – we are the same. The virus does not discriminate by religion, caste, creed, color, political ideologies, geographical or financial boundaries. It has wrecked a terrible toll on all of humanity, in all corners of the globe. It has reminded us that : ‘The World’ is the ego of humanity. Earth is a reality.

There is no Planet B. And we have to save our home.  

The only way we can do this, is to unite against division and bring unity and oneness and togetherness to the forefront of the human race. We must remember that we are first and foremost, an Earthian. We must celebrate and protect Earth, and everything that exists, lives, survives and thrives on it - the plants, the bees, the birds, the water, the fresh air, the sunshine, the sparkling of the stars. All the things that provide for us in every breath we take and bring us joy in our every heartbeat.

We must respect our home, by adding ‘planet : Earth’ to every official document address.

name : Shailendra Singh
address : Mumbai
country : India
planet : Earth

This simple reminder, every time we write down our address, will make sure that Mother Earth is never out of our mind, and always in our hearts. It will remind us that there is no other choice for us; if we keep hurting this planet, it is we who will suffer. Every time we write down that we live on ‘planet : Earth’, we will spread love.

Right now, it is just me; but I will gather momentum. I will gather your emotions, your signatures, your belief and, eventually, your action of unity. Together, we will say, “I am Earthian, you are Earthian, we are Earthian”. We will shout, “Earth is our home and we will protect it and we will celebrate it and will leave it in a better shape than we found it!”

This petition is addressed to the Mr. Abdullah Shahid, the President of the UN General Assembly. The Five Rays of Hope that he presented at the opening of the 76th session in September of 2021, make me believe that this is man who will understand our sentiments and help us action it. If he does not respond, I will personally take this petition, with all your signatures, to the United Nations and present it to him. In the future, when you renew your passport, or help your child get their first passport, you will be proud to see Earth at the end of our addresses. 

Please join me in this wonderful movement of love, peace and unity.

Sign the petition, join our Earthian family at

My name is Shailendra Singh. I am an Earthian.

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Signatures: 2,253Next Goal: 2,500
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