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In this age of constant change & Development. Why INDIA POST does not care to change? or does the office has no ethics or trainings in the office that they know the basics ( THOU SHALL NOT STEAL ) or Is it just a drama of better India? I am really saddened by what they had done to my parcel. On 25th January 2018, I sent many many things through registered post consecutively through INDIA POST packing it into (six boxes) from PAHAR GANJ, NEW DELHI to KOKRAJHAR, among the six boxes, one box which they literally made empty was consignment no- CD300431975. The post office staffs were misleading me, telling me to come back again and again even after the arrival of my box. The excuse was the man who handles and log in to their computer was not there. So they can't help but they kept me waiting for around1-2 week.
Normally, they don't deliver the package. I don't know why even after all its paid. May be its the weight or I really don't understand why they don't deliver it at home. I went there thrice, after which they handed me my package. Only in utter dismay again to open the box that was left empty only with my blanket, towel and the dress that they cut off with their knife.
How do we know if these robbers will be ever punished or will continue to feed on the treasures of others after stealing from almost everyone from the Nation. I research in the internet of lost articles and what I saw was internet flooded with complaints but mostly to no avail. I complained in the post office they say it din't happen in our branch. They will never bear any responsibility. To whom can we ask for help then. Of course any office which works from sending to receiving is responsible for the lost items. 
Therefore inevitably, considerable gaps of being skilled + the extra torture of tensions and fear they create in people's mind of loosing things now are tremendous.

Everybody is affected by this irresponsibility, society as a whole. I being a student, sent my things to the registered post because its difficult and expansive for me to carry all the things physically myself. Similarly all people, be it businessman, students or whoever especially people shifting from one place to another sends things through post offices. Only to later realise that they steal our things. And leaving aside the the things they break for which I din't even mind or complain. As, I am considering the breakable items as they do break. They broke my breakable items to a fair proportion, due to bad handling. All the packages are handled very badly. And this really need to change.

I think there should be some activism against the thievery done by INDIA POST. And they have to really change or its really shameful for the nation to have such service into our country which bears INDIA's name. It's dishonesty among the workers from lower to higher level, really has created a menace into the society. It was obvious that they stole my valuable goods and shamelessly cut my new dress and put it back there inside the packed box.
It comprises (miscellaneous items) all new including 14 beautiful stitched blouses, one silk saree, the other 2 sarees, one in pink and the other in rose gold, kurtas, dresses, Allen solly hand bag, jewellery for my friend's wedding, one make up box where there were many make up items including one pair of golden earring which I put it wrapping in a small white paper and two pairs on silver. The height of their greed left me enchanted as they din't even spare my bra, petticoat, my bath oils and doctor prescribed skin creme for sensitive skin.
Its really shocking! the horrendous crimes that they do, being Government operated postal service. Rather than being safe. They are dark, dangerous and risky.
Please help me!
I have uploaded a pictures of the act that they did with my parcel.

Thank you all!

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