Petition to have studio create Samurai Jack Live-Action with Keanu Reaves as Jack

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I want Cartoon Network and another company to collaberate to create a Samurai Jack Live-Action Movie, starring Keanu Reeves as Jack.

I believe he fits quite well as the character, down to his long locks. Not only that, but he has a similar facial structure as well. 

Also... He’s fabulous

I don’t think the plot would nessecarily include him time travelling. I think we should make an entirely new canon for Samurai Jack. He could have a beginning storyline, he could be trained in the martial arts (Which Keanu Reeves already knows). We could see him fighting someone, who’s attempting to summon Aku from the depths of the Underworld. This could fit really well, and it could make Aku look devilish in his own right. 

I’m going to be totally honest, that I haven’t really watched the entire series of Samurai Jack, however, I watched lots of reruns on adult swim (Which I recommend BTW!) 

Dear Keanu, 

I love you... (no homo). I want to say, how much I appreciate your acting skills. You are a great fighter, for not only martial art movies like John Wick and The Matrix franchise, but you’re a fighter in our hearts. I hope that you will be inspiring future actors and actresses, to have the same attitude for your works and other future film and acting careers.

From Every fan out there,

Thank You!