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Get Universal Orlando to Stop Producing Lesser Quality Screen Based Attractions

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The main issue at hand here is that Universal has stopped relying on animatronics to make guests "ride the movies" as their slogan once suggested. They have been taking out their best rides using animatronics and replacing them with lame screen based simulators. Now this is tricky because they have some well executed screen rides such as Spider-Man, Forbidden Journey and Transformers. Those are good rides as you still feel the action and almost feel part of the ride. The theater simulators and the new King Kong ride however are just not anything special. They are boring and just cause many people headaches. Jimmy Fallon, The Simpsons, Kong, and potentially Fast and Furious all lack action and transportation on setting. Universal isn't putting out rides they used to make and are relying on intellectual properties to bring in guests when they should make the large scaled rides with such wow factors that one couldn't help but fall in love with. Join me on my mission to show universal that we the long time fans and supporters and new fans alike are displeased with their actions and decisions and would like to see some cutting edge material where the screen isn't the main event. We want to ride the movies, not watch them!   

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