Re-Issue Janet Jackson Catalogue

Re-Issue Janet Jackson Catalogue

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Toni-Pekka Kähärä
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Janet Damita Jo Jackson is one of the most popular global mainstream pop artist of all time. Her back catalogue starts from 1982 and it's massive. Since the Control album her music has dominated the markets and set trends for next generation artists and affected millions of peoples lives in a positive way. The current estimate of her record sales is around 100 million +. 

We as fans are saddened by the fact that none of the classic albums (Control, Rhythm Nation 1814, janet. The Velvet Rope etc) have never been re-issued, remastered nor re-released. While Ms. Jackson keeps setting trends and breaking records with her tour, there is a whole generation of music lovers waiting to be introduced to Miss Janet's back-catalogue of music. Millions of fans have been requesting for a special or limited release of any vinyl, album or tour for decades now. We feel it's the right time to do so, and we feel that as loyal fans we deserve to enjoy and purchase the albums we love as remastered and repackaged items, as well as on vinyl.

Our undying and unbreakable love for Janet's career, personality, artistry and music keeps us hoping for these albums reissued, and vinyls re-released. The demand is huge, and as other artists have proved this is not a niche market but a major one and a big step forward in promotion and re-introducing Janet's music to younger audiences around the world. Not only this, but her fans loyalty would be awarded by doing a complete reissue of albums and vinyls.

We love you, Janet. We know you're listening. It's time!