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Petitioning Cumulus Media CEO Lewis W. Dickey Jr and 3 others

Universal Music Group, ClearChannel and Cumulus Media: Stop playing music w/lyrics containing derogatory terms towards women/men over radio airwaves.

     From the early 1990’s to now, record labels and radio stations through years of protest and conferences have yet to remove such songs that attack women on radio airwaves.Such terms like b*tches, ho#s, and slut in music are demeaning towards women thereby not only evoking individuals to use them freely among one another but also causing confusion in whats deemed acceptable and unacceptable behavior between men and women.  This music of which we are bombarded with daily through radio may censor the terms however it prompts individuals to look them up only to be confronted with degrading and malicious words aimed at women.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Cumulus Media CEO Lewis W. Dickey Jr
  • UMG CEO: Lucian Grainge
  • ClearChannel Media CEO: John Hogan
  • CBS Radio CEO: Dan Mason

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