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Bring Gerard Way's Umbrella Academy to Life As a TV Show!

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In 2007 the world was introduced to The Umbrella Academy- a vivid and imaginative comic book series that was unleashed from the brilliant and creative mind of Gerard Way and brought to life by the beautifully artistic genius of Gabriel Ba, along with the rest of an incredibly talented group of people who include: Editorial Ninja, Scott Allie; Colorist Extraordinaire, Dave Stewart; and The Fontfather, Nate Piekos. It is no wonder with such an A list team bringing this story to life that it has been nominated for several awards that have garnished several wins, including an Eisner and a Harvey for Gerard Way.

In 2010, fans of Umbrella Academy were elated when news broke that Universal Studios had optioned the series for a movie. As years passed, and no real news ever came from Universal as to when they would finish the script or start production on a film, fans refused to accept the possibility it may not happen, but continued to remain loyal and hopeful that it would still come to be. We refused to believe, simply because we just assumed Universal Studios would know what we, as fans, knew already- Umbrella Academy is beyond worthy of being adapted to film.

The mistake we had made was not realizing that what it meant when Universal optioned TUA was that this was never a guarantee of a film, but an agreement between Umbrella Academy’s creators, Dark Horse and Universal Studios that locked Umbrella Academy into being unable to accept any other film proposals from other production companies while Universal toyed with scripts and decided if they wished to move forward with the film.

On 07/07/15 it was announced that Umbrella Academy was one of four comic book series that were being considered as a first-look deal with Universal Cable Productions and Umbrella Academy publisher, Dark Horse Comics via USA Today. A first-look deal appears to be about the same as being optioned. Universal Cable Productions has agreed to look at TUA and work on scripting a TV Show for it, but there is no guarantee a series will ever make it to air. As TUA fans have learned the hard way, while it looks promising and we are thrilled at the chance, we understand that it is still just a chance- a chance we are no longer willing to just assume will happen.

Since fans are always the deciding factor when it comes to decisions that ultimately come down to “Will this have an audience? Will this be marketable?” We knew we, as fans, had to do something so we started by taking a look at how loyal fans of other TV shows that have been cancelled were able to influence decisions that resulted in show renewals or the show being picked up by another network (See: Arrested Development, Twin Peaks, Community). We figured it couldn’t hurt to follow in their footsteps to give Umbrella Academy that support and show Universal Cable Productions that TUA comes with a wildly supportive and loyal fanbase that would love nothing more than to see it be adapted for the small screen. We have started this petition in the hopes of showing just that.

So please, if you are a fan of The Umbrella Academy, or even if you’re just a fan of seeing a really cool, intelligent show about ‘a dysfunctional family of superheroes with bizarre powers’ save the world in a way you’ve never seen before, we would sincerely appreciate you taking the time to join us on our quest to give Umbrella Academy the fan momentum it deserves by signing this petition and sharing with your friends as well! Every signature counts!

Also, as a show of our appreciation we will be selecting one person at random to receive a mint condition copy of the Free Comic Book Day issue of The Umbrella Academy. Since it is impossible for us to keep track from the petition page, and we would like to allow everyone the chance, without forcing them to post their personal information publicly, we have decided that in order to be considered for this gift all you need to do is take a screen shot of your signature on this website and email it to our campaign email address of: or submit it to our campaign site by clicking here. PLEASE include a way for us to contact you should you be selected.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me on twitter @TUATVShow and if you would like more information on how you can help further please visit our page.

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