#NoStudentLeftBehind: Cancel the final exams

#NoStudentLeftBehind: Cancel the final exams

May 4, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Bea Arquillano

As the COVID19 outbreak continues, students are ordered to be off from school and transition to online classes and module submissions. However, this was proved to not have been the most effective way of learning for MOST of the students, with the school population mostly from the provincial parts of the city, the guarantee of stable internet connection is unlikely and for some, only rely on mobile data which can be troublesome for the student and their family as this can compromise their safety and the safety of others.

In the previous weeks, the students have demanded the university to conclude the semester but the request of it has been denied, so from then on, the students are still required to comply and continue with the home based learning activities. But it has come to a concern that the implementation of finals week is still pushing through which is causing concern for many students as this means some of the subjects would require the students to take online exams which something that is not in favor of the students' situation.

As mentioned earlier, pushing through with finals and resulting to online exams is not efficient and may cause concern and pressure to the students who are affected by this pandemic for these reasons:

  1. Some students are still stranded in their dorms and have limited access and resources for these exams
  2. Students who don't have the technological devices (eg. laptops, computers) that would be convenient for the exams may have difficulty
  3. Many of the students that reside in different provinces of outside of the city still struggle with the guarantee of internet connection
  4. Even if the exams don't happen this month, moving it after the ECQ is not an efficient choice either for the teachers and the students

If the administration can at least take the consideration of those who are in difficulty rather than only focusing on possible learning solutions, it can save the students and greatly promote the #NoStudentLeftBehind agenda that has a very important role for education institutions to take part on for the sake of their stakeholders.

Sign this petition and make sure that there will be #NoStudentLeftBehind! 

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Signatures: 24Next Goal: 25
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