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Stop UH Hilo cutting classes and departments!

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There are a number of proposed cuts to classes and undergraduate programs at University of Hawaii at Hilo, especially in the arts and humanities. These cuts would impede the ability for the young people of our town to pursue accredited degrees in fields that promote cultural development and social health. Hilo is not a large city, we do not have the sort of cultural infrastructure that Honolulu has and as such there exist very few outlets for artistry and culture outside of UH Hilo. Many students rely on grant support to attend classes and would not be able to afford attendance at either of the two private dance schools in town, neither of which are accredited. The administration is even considering cutting the only performing jazz ensemble on the island, whose twice yearly concerts are consistently sold out.

This is not due to a matter of budget, but rather UH Hilo hiring two new “recruiting” admins, at a $138,000 salary. These admins were hired due to “low enrollment” yet tuition continues to increase, and with classes already being compromised, making the average graduation time be 5-6 years. This does not include the cost of living, student fees, textbooks, and such, only tuition!

These are some of the classes being recommended for slashing at UHH:
1. Eliminating the Japanese lecturer (reassign to fulltime faculty)

2. ART 101 (reassign to full time faculty)

3. DANCE 290

4. MUS 420

5. COM 240

6. COM 370

7. COM 444

8. ENG 209 WWW

9. PHIL 220

10. PHIL 345

11. PHIL 435

and more classes in the future to be jeopardized!

Instead of having more admins, we should hire more educators, with contracts to teach MORE classes, in all areas of study! Please sign today to show support in not cutting classes, especially the humanities! 

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