A united Liberal, NDP and Green team wins and has the critical mass to effect change.

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65 % of Canadians believe in progress, if we can be progressive instead of partisan, we can keep Canada moving forward to build a just society that lives sustainably. Otherwise, we are going to end up with a right-wing agenda driven by corporations, climate change deniers and the religious right and sustainable, inclusive, equitable policies will fall by the wayside.

A mainstay of capitalist power is the capacity to divide those who would oppose it. Our progressive parties tend to clash, more often than not missing opportunities for cooperation and the achievement of a critical mass capable of effecting change.

Why don’t these different political agents work together in order to achieve their individual and shared goals?

This petition is intended to gather support for the uniting of Progressive political parties in order to win elections. The goals are twofold: 1) develop a broad alliance against neoliberalism; 2) simultaneously, empower a coalition prioritizing environmental goals, economic goals, and the well-being of us all.

The basic rationale for a broad alliance is to win elections so as to induce concerted action to seriously challenge social and environmental destruction. The grassroots perspective is indispensable in order to both counter attempts to co-opt and erode these broad alliances and advance the movement for deeper social, economic, and environmental change but requires a “united front”.