Request for Telugu Community’s Unity

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తీపి చేదు కలిసిందే జీవితం

కష్టం సుఖం తెలిసిందే జీవితం

అన్నిటినీ అదిగమించి మనం

ఒక్కటిగ ముందుకు సాగడమే జీవన గమనం

కలిసి ఉంటే కలదు సుఖం..

This Ugadi, may the darkness of negativity fade away and we reinvent togetherness to be UNITED…

We all want to have a friendly environment to promote our culture, heritage and teach good values and togetherness to our kids. The current situation spoils the personal relationships between families and divides kids from their friends.

We don’t want to be forced to choose sides and we cannot afford attending both. Please get together and resolve the issues so that we all can enjoy the Festivities as ONE. 

Please get together and resolve the issues FIRST rather than focusing on either party’s UGADI event(s). Let’s solve the issue and then CELEBRATE as ONE…