Tell Your Congress Representative: To Vote In Support of Net Neutrality

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For a long period of time the internet has stood as a place where all people have the ability to facilitate innovation, share ideas, and connect with one another. It has been place in which each website was looked at as equal regardless of its size with equal bandwidth for people to connect to them.

The US Government plans to limit net neutrality, by bascially stating that not all sites are of equal worth on the internet, and therefore not requring equal bandwidth from Internet Service Providers. This would allow ISPs to only supply certain websites on their service and essentially partition the web.

If the new proposed method of handling net neutrality is enacted it would directly kill freedom of speech on the internet due to the fact that large companies would dominate the majority of internet traffic. As well as the IPSs would have to the control to negatively affect websites that don't necessarily aline with views that they support/agree with.

Net neutrality is something that I find to be extremely important to the very framework that makes our nation great. The United States is supposed to be a nation driven by equal opportunity,freedom of speech, and the right to see as well as read what we choose to. Doing away with net neutrality will directly take these basic ideals away from "we the people" and put them directly into the hands of our government along with people in power. This is something that I am completely against because it directly takes away from an aspect of my freedom. Which is the ability to view what I chose to, access what I choose to, and create as I choose to using the internet. 

Under the Congressional Review Act, Congress could issue a resolution of disapproval and overrule the FCC’s decision.

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