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Victory - Next Steps

As many of you may have heard already- ICE has rescinded the decision. We are hopeful while also exercising caution. There is still a lot of questions that need to be answered and many students are also experiencing a residual shock. Just in a matter of a week, you have helped us raise awareness to an unjust ruling. What happened on Monday 07/06 had the potential of robbing students of their education and putting their safety in jeopardy. As an international student myself, I can attest that this has been a tumultuous week for a lot of us - especially those who would have been forced into a mass exodus in the middle of a global pandemic. Our team will continue to support students who are in need of more answers. If you are one of them - or know someone who is struggling- please join our zoom call on Thursday 7/16. We have a support group at 1 pm and a "Know Your Rights" presentation conducted by our volunteer attorneys. The zoom ID for both these sessions is 970 8522 8865 For more information on resources and future presentations please follow our Instagram page at @internation.ally As a collective, our focus should be on minimizing the effects of COVID19 and not perpetuating an-anti immigrant rhetoric. We need to do better. Thank you for all your support thus far Vrinda vrindav166@gmail.com

Vrinda Vrinda
1 year ago