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Unfair and unjust court system in San Joaquin county for my 8year old child/victim

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Date: Dec 23, 2017 5:01 AM
Subject: No Justice in San Joaquin for my daughter!!!!
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Hello, my name is Antonette Barrett the mother of Makayla Barrett age 8 and mine and my daughter's lives are completely upside down due to the injustice and violation of legal rights that took place on Mon. 12-18-17 @1:30 pm while we appeared before a San Joaquin county court judge in the "civil" department.ok here's what happened: we rented a room from a home owner named Carl Anderson on May 3d 2017. So we moved in and got adjusted. My daughter and I often went with Carl and his dog Tigger to the Barkleyville dog park in Stockton CA. Then one day towards end of July (also when my daughter turned 8) Carl was leaving to the dog park I had just been hospitalized for kidney stones was still suffering! So I DID NOT feel up to a dog park trip at all so my daughter begged and pleaded to go with Carl alone......I finally gave in and said yes. At that time we had lived with Carl for nearly three months. Long enough to be comfortable letting my daughter run errands with Carl. But this particular day Carl pulled into a fast-food parking lot on thier way back to the house and said he had lost something as he started looking under the seats including the passenger seat where my daughter was sitting ... Wearing her July weather Summer dress....(which he looked up as he "pretended" to look for something) then right as he made my daughter uncomfortable he decided to slide his hand under her dress and pinch her nipples and rub on her with his hands then he noticed people in a car pulling into the neighboring buisiness parking lot were looking in thier direction so they left and came home where I had been making dinner. My daughter didn't say anything that night she just ate dinner and went to bed (which was definitely NOT normal for my hyper child aka night owl) I immediately wondered why! So a few weeks later I heard Carl taking to my daughter asking what movie she wanted to watch on his computer...... She decided on Moana and Carl played the movie. About thirty minutes into the movie I went to the restroom afterwards I was walking down the hall back to my room when i could see and pass the computer room I noticed my daughter was sitting in Carl's lap top watching the movie I immediately told hey to get off his lap and explained that it was inappropriate behavior that could get everyone in trouble and made sure she know to sit by herself in a chair by the bd door so I could see an hear her from our room. Carl then left the room and did not finish watching the movie. (Another red flag to me)..... So I began asking my daughter if Carl had ever touched her inappropriately. She always says no...... About another month went by and she had started school which she was NOT doing well with . Her teacher told me she was withdrawn and biting lil boys in class during story time.... So that afternoon when I picked my daughter up from school I asked her again if Carl had EVER touched her. She shamefully looked at the ground shaking her head yes.. We immediately had a friend drive us to Stockton Police department to report it. We didn't call then to the house because she was scared of Carl. Because he told her he would kill her if she every told anyone and he had many guns in the house!! He also told hey no one would believe her anyways So the police took the report and called a judge who granted an EPO TO TAKE AFFECT IMMEDIATELY the police then went to the house and gave Carl ten minutes to leave the house since the victim (my daughter) resided in the home and they gave him a copy of the EPO. After processing all the facts and info of the incident I went to the San Joaquin county courthouse civil Dept. and filed the temp. Restraining order which was granted until the hearing on 12-18-2017. I was never contacted by CPS which the police informed me they had made a report to the night we reported it to them. Furthermore we were given the victim witness number who would also help us.... When I couldn't reach anyone by phone I went into the v.w. office and spoke to a lady named Vanessa or Veronica...... She had me fill out a compensation request form to help us with moving costs. Then she said I would get an answer to my request after thirty days and to request a continuance at court while waiting for the request approval/denial. Never did anyone call me to offer help and or services!!!!!!! I when left a voicemail with the bar association asking to refer me to a pro Bono lawyer cause I heard Carl had paid for an expensive one! I never even got a call back!!!! So I entered the courtroom alone, and nervous. Not even knowing where I was supposed to sit when our case was being heard. I was always told that court was no place for a child so I had my daughter's bio father take her to lunch. The judge was very nice to Carl's woman lawyer and Carl. But right away he was rude and nasty to me before I ever even opened my mouth! Which made me scared and intimidated. I was never offered any advice from a legal council at all!!!!!!!!!! Just disrespected and intimidated by the judge and Carl and his female lawyer!!! Then shockingly the judge made me get my daughter to the courthouse and put her in the stand threatening to throw the case out if she didn't arrive on time!!!!! So I had her dad bring her to court and calmly told her to just tell the truth. She expressed that she was scared to see Carl in the courtroom and thought he might shoot her! I said he couldn't bring weapons to court and she was safe ..... Then I told her not to even look at him just look at me n her dad. From this point I pushed record on my phones video app. So I do have her whole heartbreaking testimony RECORDED including clear video footage of the courtroom, etc. So the female layer Carl hired questioned my daughter first beginning by asking that her father not be allowed to hold her hand!!!!! And the judge agreed! Accomplishing nothing but fear and trauma to my daughter inturn causing her to "shut down". I'm very proud to say despite the fear and intimidation they instilled upon her she clearly and honestly answered all questions to the best of her ability!!!!!! Then they asked her about our previous housing situation and why we moved claiming that I always had problems paying my rent and lying and saying I never paid any rent at Carl's!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which I can prove with receipts that I overpaid the entire time! I was actually paid up at Carl's till Jan 3d. Which I never received a pro-rated credit that I accumulated. So all that just irritated me so I blurted WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH MY DAUGHTER BEING MOLESTED??!! THE judge rudely said he would tell me after court! Then the lawyer moved on asking my daughter more innapropriate questions that had no relation to the case and/or molestation at all!!!! Just to defecate my character so I blurted out again why are you turning the fucking focus on me when it was about my daughter being touched and I added that it felt like a three ring circus sideshow! Then the judge said I was the one who was turning it into a circus so I rolled my eyes and whispered Jesus fucking Christ then the judge threw out the entire case. And The child molester was free to return to the home the victim (my daughter) lived in and couldn't afford to move out of......but We returned to the house and frantically threw our stuff into garbage bags and left with absolutely NO WHERE TO GO!!!!!! not even a motel room! So now We're homeless on the streets in the cold, cause the shelters all said they're full....... and all this in time for Christmas. Which is ruined due to all my money gone in court and transportation fees!! All for nothing!!!!!! Cause I thought I was protecting my daughter and other children that may fall victim to Carl Anderson. I WISH I WOULD'VE KNOWN HOW CROOKED AND EVIL THE JUDGE AND LEGAL SYSTEM IS IN SAN JOAQUIN COUNTY!!!!! My poor baby actually hopes we freeze to death out here cause she says atleast we will die together and she'll always be with the one person who believes her and loves her unconditionally!!! Please help us be heard!!!!!!! I just need to tell the media the truth and how this legal system has ruined and destroyed us COMPLETELY. PLEASE HELP US BE HEARD BEFORE WERE FOUND DEAD OUT HERE IN THESE STOCKTON STREETS!!!!!! OR TELL ME WHO CAN HELP US IF ANYONE AT ALL........Please.... please... please don't just ignore us like everyone else has!!!!! This is all 100% TRUE & real and I have video footage to PROVE IT!!!!!!

SINCERELY, Antonette Barrett and Makayla (my everything)
Phone:(209) 271-4113


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