The silencing of Matthew Hutcheson. Help an innocent man get back to his family.

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In the 2013 a federally appointed financial advisor for the United States, Matthew Hutcheson was wrongfully accused of misappropriating money from accounts in which he was the fiduciary. All in attempts to silence him from speaking the truth, in which the government was attempting to shield itself from. Payed off judges, all the way down to a slush fund to fatten there very own pockets.  Matt was given 17 years for being "Too smart for his own good."  He was made to look like an absolute monster. Now he has sat for 7 years in confinement, begining his journey on "Diesel therapy." A nasty little trick to break certain individuals of certain behaviors.   Inmates exposed to this inhuman treatment are left extremely mentally exhausted and battered. A true assault of all senses. It has tremendous results. You are placed on a bus and driven across the country and back again. More than 10 times Matt was booked into a prison just to be packed up and shuffled down the line to do it all over again in a day or two. Often leaving his family unaware of his condition or whereabouts for long periods. You are to remain shackled and at the mercy of an ill tempered and unaccommodating prison Department Of Correction staff. It is a horrifying, yet real tactic used by the justice system, usually reserved for the upmost violent and difficult inmates. Matt endured this torture finally, just to be placed in solitary confinement for 5 months!!! New information has recently been brought to light that proves Matt was innocent all along. Proof that he was silenced to ensure the ones truly guilty would walk free. Yet he still sits behind locked doors. A father of 4 has been ripped away from his adoring Children and Wife and I must say that they are not the only ones left to suffer. Besides, also for his immediate family, the general public are being deprived of this kind spirit. The knowledge on life that he is willing to share at any given moment is precious to those who seek it. Knowledge that deserves to be given from outside of the confines of a prison cell.  The man was a scapegoat. This is not ok.  We should not fear our government!!! Mattew Hutcheson deserves freedom! He deserves the embrace of the beautiful family that loves him dearly. Matt gave an amazing service to this country, advising America back on track after the 2008 financial crash. He at the very least deserves our attention for an appeal on his case. But ultimately he deserves to be home... He deserves to be free. Please help him get back to his Family. I know the Power of! Lets do this!!! For more info on Mathew Hutcheson, please go to "" and also google search "Whatever happened to Mathew Hutcheson." Thank you for your time!!

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