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Tell government to stay out of pet owners business

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Lately there has been a slew of animal rights extremists making things harder for pet owners weather it be a HOA saying no pets (a form of small govt) A animal rights extremist complaining about owners who leave dogs in cars (the car is not always going to be hot or cold or unventilated or animal rights extremist making it more difficult to re home animals online with too many rules which has gotten facebook involved craigsist and other sites where no animals sales are allowed or there are tight restrictions on rehoming animals. This has resulted in many animals being put in the pound or dumped on the side of the road because people can't re home them or just don't want to deal with taking the animal to the pound and want it gone.   

1: Get rid of all laws involving dogs in cars where a law enforcement or citizen is allowed to break the window instead the windows should not be broken by anyone too many animal rights extremists try to play "hero" when it isn't needed and it's causing anger and uproar everywhere which can lead to violence if it hasn't already. 

2: don't tell people how to re home their pet or that they can't sell puppies online if they breed, only restrictions on puppy mills are needed telling breeders they can't sell online is just stupid not everyone wants a rescue animal.

3: Make it illegal for HOAs to make any rules on how many pets or what kind of pets home owners can have HOAs are to have NO RULES against breeders and NO RIGHT to tell a home owner they can or can't have a animal or how many animals a HOA thinks someone should own.

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