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take rape seriously and hold those accountable

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I am so unexplainably angry, hurt, and disappointed in how rape has been handled all around the world. I read the news each day and everyday and I read a story about a young girl getting raped, and each day I die a million times thinking about the pain she is going to face for the rest of her life and how her case isn't going to be taken seriously. Why? 

Why don't we hold people responsible? Why is it not a bigger deal? Why is this still happening?!?! 

I didn't study law, politics, the justice system or even history. I studied film and art and I don't really know what's possible or how to even go about inciting change. What I do know though is that it makes me absolutely sick to my stomach knowing that what needs to happen isn't happening. 

We need to create a safe space for women, men, and transgender people of all ages and give them the opportunity to feel protected. How can anyone feel safe knowing that the person who shattered them inside and out is going to be out in a couple years (if at all) while they will carry this immense weight for the rest of their lives. We need to protect them. This cannot keep happening. 

This is not okay.


Why does rape not have a minimum of 10 years across all states (at the very minimum!!)?!?! Why in one state is it more okay to violate someone's rights and consent than another state? Why does fairness alter border to border? Although I'm not in tune with legalities and the justice system, I am aware that currently all states do not all have the same laws and policies. That's why the bill of rights can come in handy for situations like this but I just can't believe it's a priority to give people the right to bare arms (a form of protection), and not make rape a serious punishable crime (which protects against so many others).

This is a long shot, but it's important. This is not okay.


p.s. After adding as many governor names to this letter as possible I realized that out of our 50 state governors that only 4 of them are women. 


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