Supreme Court to Rule in favor that Hate Speech is an exception to the First Amendment.

Supreme Court to Rule in favor that Hate Speech is an exception to the First Amendment.

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Coon Definition: Slang : Extremely Disparaging and Offensive . a contemptuous term used to refer to a black person. (

The coon caricature is one of the most insulting of all anti-black caricatures. (

I feel that Jeremy Kappell should be charged with Defamation. I have stated below why this needs to happen . At a certain point in our history we need to start holding people accountable for heinous acts and speech. An example needs to be made, like in any other legal case, where a citizen did not uphold the law.


The man who referred to Martin Luther King Jr. as "Martin Luther Coon" on national television in 1965, remained the mayor of Selma, Alabama for nearly 4 decades. His name, Mayor Joe Smitherman.

Only about 150 blacks were registered to vote in 1964 when Smitherman was first elected. At the time, he opposed blacks voting in large numbers and once referred to the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. as “Martin Luther Coon” in what he claimed was a slip of the tongue. (,,,


In 2010 CNN anchor Kyra Phillips had to apologize Wednesday after the network accidentally played nigga nigga nigga Rap. For a clip on a 103-year-old Pennsylvania woman who still drives, CNN played that nigga Rap to go into break. (Source-,,

In 2010, ESPN sports personality Mike Greenberg, of the “Mike & Mike” show, said he and co-host Mike Golic were “talking football with you on this Martin Luther coon King Jr. holiday.” He apologized that same day, saying he was “sorry that my talking too fast — and slurring my words — might have given people who don’t know our show the wrong impression about us, and about me.” Greenberg was not fired. (,, New York

During a broadcast in San Antonio in 2014, another meteorologist, Mike Hernandez, said he misspoke when he called the holiday celebrating the civil rights leader “Martin Luther coon Day.” He apologized, as did his station, and Hernandez kept his job. (Source-

In 2017 and 2018 A North Carolina Republican House candidate, Russell Walker, who said "God is a racist and a white supremacist" earned more than 8,500 votes in his District 48 race against an African-American minister. (

The North Carolina man’s lawsuit to return the Confederate flag into a South Carolina courtroom was thrown out today — but not before the plaintiff could both defend the Confederate flag from accusations of racism and use a racist slur against Martin Luther King Jr.

Prior to Russell Walker learning the verdict of the case, he voiced his defense for the flag outside the courthouse:
 "I don’t believe [the Confederate flag is] a symbol of slavery. That’s my personal view — but how they feel is their business. It would be ludicrous for me to tell you how they feel. Hey, I go down the street and I see Martin Luther Coon, I mean, I shouldn’t have said that, Martin Luther King. I mean, should I rip the signs down?" - Russell Walker (


A website connected to Russell Walker, who defeated fellow Republican John W. Imbaratto in the May primary, asks, “What is wrong with being a white supremacist?” and claims “the Jews are not Semitic they are Satanic as they all descend from Satan,” The News & Observer reported. Another post on the website reportedly says Martin Luther King Jr. “wanted to destroy the Caucasian race through mixing and integration. He was an agent of Satan.” (Source-The Washington Times)


Now in 2019 Jeremy Kappell calling Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A Coon! This is a pattern of subtlety malicious hate speech, acts, and defamation of character. These are all public stations and figures that have abused their platform. We are now in 2019 and justice is finally being administered. We need to change the racism and hate speech culture altogether and make it an exception that is not protected under our 1st amendment right! No one should have the freedom to inflict hate! How many times will this be considered an accident? The only people who seem to continuously make this mistake are SOME white people. The people who chose to use such a hateful term, also chose to use the same excuse during their "apology". I thought we are supposed to learn from history and past mistakes? Anyone who holds a position of power and has a platform that directly influences our nation, knew the expectations and standards required of them! Dr. Martin Luther KING Jr. was a peaceful man, why taint his work and tarnish his legacy with hate speech?! We need to dismantle Hate Speech and Racist culture in America! America, the melting pot nation that was built and established from diversity!

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