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FTC shut down craigslist if craigslist refuses to get rid of flagging system

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For years craigslist has allowed the flagging system to be abused there are even social groups that offer to flag adds for money and programs made for excessive flagging yet craigslist has done nothing. craigslist is also subject to MANY illegal activities specially in the personals section. People sell drugs on there sell their CHILDREN for sex and there is a HOARD or other illegal disgusting things on craigslist. Yet craigslist remains the only FREE way to advertise so SADLY most people are STUCK using a site they HATE. With all the illegal things going on craigslist by allowing the flagging system is also violating consumer trust laws and must be brought to justice or doing so. craigslist has violated this law in many ways firstly craigslist sues or goes after any web site that was made for free adds (Which keeps consumers from being able to go else where) and second allowing spam bots to auto flag on their site VIOLATES THEIR OWN TERMS OF SERVICE! craigslist has gotten out of control even the site mods engage in cyber bullying. and auto flagging adds that are legit. Craigslist must clean up its act or be shut down an the ENTIRE flagging system MUST be removed because craigslist obviously can not keep up with what adds are legit and which aren't second craigslist must GET RID OF the low adoption fee free only and no breeder rules. Animal rights extremists have made it increasingly impossible to rehome animals online and this has resulted in more animals being sent to the pound or dumped on the side of the road. Sad to say but some people would rather put a animal in the pound if they can't get the money back they spent on the animal. It shouldn't be that way but thats how people work and people will not change so for the safety of animals that need to be rehomed those rules need to go. FREE animals also often wind up in the hands of someone who can't afford to care for them or in the hands of dog fighters looking for bait animals so the FREE thing on craigslist and EVERYWHERE need to be made either illegal or against the rules. Also craigslist needs to keep a closer eye on adds that children are whored out for sex to pedophiles and make sure the adds NEVER go up. Lets face it craigslist terms are extremely out dated for the times and they need to catch up with the rest of us or fall behind, if craigslist can't meet these terms then their dark web history proves they need to be shut down anyway. (Considering they ALLOW so much illegal activity on their site)

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