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When does treason or bribery beg

Bill Orton
Long Beach, CA, United States

Jun 24, 2017 — Americans learned long ago when treason or bribery begins.

Our Revolution saw a commander sell the Minutemen short, and two exactly centuries ago the rich sided with the English King who wanted his colonies back.

Selling the country short to stay rich is not new. Neither is lying.

But now, after six months of accusation, the President of the United States is saying that our previous leader "knew" that the November election would be bought by a foreign power, and "did nothing."

Maybe that's so. Maybe the last president could sift through reports that someone was selling the country short.


We have a president who invites the Pravda-style Communist-like press into the Oval Office, where they've never been, and hear things they should never be told, after the Russian leader appears to have meddled in our last election.

How does the winner of that election respond>

Oh, it's not me... it was the last guy, who knew that my election was being bought by Russia.


The man who begged for a ride in the Queen of England's fancy cart now flies each weekend to a luxury mansion for golf.

His first big working flight placed him at a desk in Saudi Arabia, where he signed the biggest weapons sale -- $110 million -- to that nation. The very next day, that same country handed $100 million as a "donation" to the President's family foundation.

And when our Commander-in-Chief dropped his first bombs -- on Syria -- he didn't call our own leaders of Congress, but before fire fell from the sky he told the Russian leader in a long-distance call. Perhaps the first call that Russia's man made after hanging up was to the Sryian leader, whose military rapidly pulled away before the bombs fell.


Two centuries ago, the rich didn't like making the King of England mad. They might not stay rich, so fat-cats tossed their own bomb -- "We don't support America's war."

Our leader -- a Founder of the Constitution and our fourth president -- battled to save our nation from England's invasion. But the fat cats sided with the King, and used George Washington own party -- the Federalists -- as a rubber stamp for the obvious act of treason.

George was dead, but his party was the major competitor and belongs lock-stock-and-barrel to the super rich.

Yet the Federalists were duped by fat-cats who would sell the country short, just to stay rich. Federalist members of Congress left the party and it evaporated, because treason is wrong.

There was no Federalist party when voters choose a president is 1820. To paint a soft-and-fuzzy image of how that party evaporated, that election was called, "The Era of Good Feelings."


If our 45th president says that a foreign foe meddled in the election he won, but blames the 44th president, isn't that the sort of treason that causes a political party to evaporate?

The Grand Old Party of Abraham Lincoln saved this imperfect Union from rebellion that carved our nation in two.

For a century-and-a-half, Mr. Lincoln's party has vied for power because of shared values.

Yes, everyone has politics. It's a free country.

But the first rule of power is to love our own nation over all others.

If an election got meddled, and the man who won fesses up, and then blames the prior president, then the time is a dark moment in nation.

Keep fighting for people power!

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