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Rights of The Disabled

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I have a disabled son who is 26 years old. He was shot in the head with a 410 Shot gun at the age of 11. It has been a roller coaster ride for 15 years, The Shooting left my son without 1 third of his brain, Blind, Partly Parilized, In A wheel Chair ,TBI, PTSD,Separation Disorder, Short Term Memory loss, And cut his life short of being a Normal Productive Member of Society, He lives in horrible pain daily in most because he has well over 80 pieces of led threw out his whole skull and most in the back off his head causing unbearable headaches and his spine is now in a  C Shape from not being able to be Moble and bound to a Chair he has been to countless pain doctors and after a while each.and everyone has lost their compassion and he has had to move to others, Well he has been seeing a Doctor now for A couple of years and since this doctor has been out of town his fill in has set was seems to be a personal problem because the high does of Medicine that my son is on , witch I must say is over half less than he's ever been on , to make it impossible for my son to receive his medicines, he even refused me his Mother and Power of Attorney to go back with my son for what he has called questioning, My son would not go alone he wanted me with him and I was denied that right, I did not let him go alone so they wouldn't see him and now my son will have to go threw horrible withdrawals and have seizures and could very well stop breathing,  I think that anyone that is disabled to the point they can't remember what happened 5 minutes ago and that Is blind and has all the problems my son has should not be denied the right to have someone with him in the room as the nurse said to answer questions...??There should be no questions that big that he should be ask without someone there to stand up for his rights as a disabled patient he has the 6 th Patient right to be accompanied by a escort for any appointments to see a Doctor regarding anything, he is not able to make a decision of that magnitude on his own and should not be forced any pressure to add to his already preexisting conditions, Please sign this petition and let's open the eyes of Congress and let them know a disabled persons rights are important and these Doctors are blaming the DEA  and Pharmacys and just because drug addiction is on the rise not everyone is a addict due to their own chosen will, My son didn't ask to be shot in the head, Please let's make Doctors aware people really need their medicine that are truly disabled and hurt to this aweful point, Disabled People are not getting what they need because someone else did wrong and that's unconditional, If you think Disabled People Should be Treated Fairly help me get this as far as it needs to go and get The rights of disabled people a rule not a Oh Well..Every Law Abiding Citizen has rights , But our Disabled Americans are being pushed aside and treated like they are not disabled,  If my son was able to make his own decisions about his health than why do I have to sign for him to see a Doctor? Please sign this so disabled America's can a fair shot and they get what they need .Thank You from the Heart of a Mom and Widow ,I have watched to much suffering I can't do it alone.


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