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I am playing a game of a game where you need to fill the entire screen with a color before another player cuts your streaming tail. It's surprisingly addictive! An opponent is way too fast and comes in from behind ...

As usual, an ad plays before I can begin again but this is an ad where you need to hack a baby like voodoo figure for money with various scathing violent instruments. It's an ad for a violent game. The first thought that crosses my mind is why or what algorithm picked me to be targeted for a game like this. I don't play violent games. I don't like them. I don't want to see them. So of course I google to check if there is a way to restrict violent game ads and am surprised at what I find. Read on...

So now comes my learning. There apparently is no way to restrict violent or sexually charged ads. I immediately think of my 13 year old playing games and being subjected to ads like this. It's not just annoying anymore, it's plain wrong and I am mad. It seems like common sense gets thrown out the window when businesses want to make money. Why is there no way to restrict violent or sexually charged ads from playing on your screen?
27-Jun-2011 · The U.S. Supreme Court struck down a California law prohibiting sales of violent video games to minors ... violent games are akin to sexual materials, which the government can restrict to protect children. But the Supreme Court believes the right of free speech for these manufacturers is more critical to the functioning of society than imposing a ban or restriction on these to minors.

In April 2013, Newtown Conn governor Chris Christie's proposal would make the sellers of violent video games post industry-issued ratings and require parental consent for games rated "mature" or "adult only." He was struck down as well.

The video game industry, $36B strong, gets an immense boost from the Supreme Court decision of 2011. But the consensus, amongst most states, is to restrict this and as a parent I am amazed at the society we have built that allows this in the name of free speech. While I am ok with anyone saying what they want in their domain, but am not ok with people walking into my home, uninvited, to spew violent content. The government cannot force violent ads upon my family in the name of free speech. Advertising and marketing have their place, but cannot be forced on individuals. For the same reason we bleep out inappropriate words on public television, we need to censure or provide some type of protection for minors. These games have the backing of Phd researchers to ensure they are addictive. So you cannot expect a minor, leave alone an adult, to be quick enough to turn off your iPad to avoid seeing or watching these ads.

1. Free speech can co-exist with the rights of consumers who do not want to hear it. There has to be an opt out program available for consumers.

2. Ads should be rated for violence and sexual content

Our children are our future, let's not experiment on them. I do hope common sense prevails and we can make a difference. Together we can move mountains ...let's make our world a little safer for our kids.

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