Replace Judge Penny! #FreeBritney

Replace Judge Penny! #FreeBritney

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Started by Ramy Farah

At this point all I see is smoke and mirrors. The court claims it's all about the facts.

Well here are the facts:
1. A conservatorship is for someone who is literally incapable of taking care of themselves due to a life-restricting disability or severe mental illness like dementia. 2. While in the conservatorship, Britney has recorded multiple albums.
3. Britney has done tours, shows and performances that included over an hour of memorized complex choreography (while reciting memorized lyrics to tens of songs whether lip syncing or not)
4. Britney has exerted ridiculous amounts of physical energy that clearly require athleticism and thus an overall stable physical-mental wellbeing
5. Britney has been coherent and mentally adequate during long periods of time where she had to be speaking such as in interviews or while judging the X Factor on national television.
6. Britney has racked in hundreds of millions of dollars before and after the conservatorship.

And we're supposed to believe that she can't go to the store driving her own car which she clearly has the license for?

Every single step they take is ridiculous. This guy (her lawyer) pushes for a date, that guy (Jamie) pushes back but not really, the "court" (Judge Penny) rejects it anyway. Britney is filing to remove Jamie rather than flat-out end the conservatorship, because I think she somehow learned their twisted little game. Because the fact of the matter is, based on the court's precious FACTS that we have, Britney can damn well take care of herself and the conservatorship was enforced upon her without even a semblance of evidence supporting the mere theory that Britney needs to be in a conservatorship, yet that's exactly what she was put in without even being given a chance to defend herself. And the court has the AUDACITY to continue playing games? The entire conservatorship should have been ANNULLED the second Britney spoke out. Every ridiculous step they take, every extra minute wasted, is just blatant evidence of the absolute corruption of this trash system called justice.

Britney shouldn't be fighting to get out of her conservatorship. Everyone who put her in a conservatorship should be fighting to prove why Britney needs a conservatorship and why she was put there in the first place. This is a backwards battle. A backwards world.

The fact that Judge Penny has DENIED Britney's request to move up the hearing where Britney can finally rid herself of her leech father (even with Britney's entire team including her MEDICAL TEAM AND DOCTORS emphasizing that Jamie needs to be removed for the conservatee's best interest), after having ignored Britney's pleas entirely 2 years prior as stated by Britney herself, and basically doing LESS than the BARE MINIMUM - I can only come to the conclusion that there is foul play, and if Britney is to stand any chance whatsoever - an investigated and completely neutral third party judge should replace Judge Penny who is very possibly on Jamie's payroll (aka Britney's money).

185 have signed. Let’s get to 200!