This petition serves to request the recall of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam

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We the people of The Commonwealth of Virginia feel Governor Ralph Northam should be recalled form office. Governor Northam has presented a state wide gun ban that would disarm law abiding citizens, infringing on constitutional rights granted by the U.S Constitution 2nd Amendment as well as Virginia Constitution Article 1 section 13. This kind of proposition is unconstitutional and should not be allowed. 

His plan for implementing and enforcing such a ban would be using local law enforcement and National Guard soldiers to gather guns. Doing so would also be taking privately owned weapons from the ones ordered to enforce the new law.

Law enforcement and the citizen soldiers have taken oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States. Governor Northam's proposition to ban privately owned and registered weapons would violate such an oath.

Lastly, banning weapons only effects the law abiding citizen, criminals will always find a way to obtain a weapon to use to commit a crime. Disarming would only cause more innocent lives to be taken by the hands of a heartless criminal.