Put signs up at all waterways in the US where people have died or went missing.

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 In waterways across the United States, people have gone missing, drown, or gotten hurt due to insufficient warning signs or no warning signs at all. In the most dangerous waterways in the country, there should be warning signs. Many places have them already, but a vast majority do not. Our youth and tourist populations are the highest at risk for these events because these are either unfamiliar waters or the victims simply aren't strong enough to overcome water hazards.

  I feel there should be a law on the federal level to help keep these people safe on these water with warning signs that highlight the dangers that occur in the water so the swimmers can be aware of the dangers many locals may already know about, but governments refuse to put up signs warning swimmers. There are waterways in all 50 states and territories of the United States, like Lake Piru in Ventura, California, where dangerous water conditions occur but without warning signs to warn people of the dangers. A simple warning sign could save countless lives and make the locals feel safer knowing that the youth and tourists are being warned.

It shouldn't take a famous person to go missing or a greaving family to start a petition for warning signs in these waterways it should be a set standard that if dangerous swimming conditions occur even if rarely there should be a sign warning swimmers.