Protect Heart Progress Under Law

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Heart Progress is an absolutely wonderful organization that's bound and determined to spread love and diversity by defending and sticking up for severely oppressed minorities, such as pedosexuals (meaning people attracted to children), because these such people are constantly being bullied and discriminated against by ignorant people who are prejudiced against them. Because of this, pedosexuals often commit suicide. Pedosexuality is absolutely NO different from homosexuality, but people are far too ignorant to see that. Heart Progress tries to discourage negative attitudes towards pedosexuals, as well as gays, lesbians, and transgenders. Unfortunately, there's a bunch of racist assholes online who are committing cyber-bullying and hate crimes against pedosexuals as well as Heart Progress and their organizers such as James Carter. What particularly scares me is today when I was watching James Carter's videos, I saw a link to a VERY chilling petition on this site, attempting to sabotage Heart Progress through the U.S. SUPREME COURT whom I am now writing this petition to for that EXACT reason. I ask that the U.S. SUPREME COURT will lay down a law to protect Heart Progress from any petitions intending to stop them, by making illegal to have them defunded, illegal to stop the government from paying for their organization, and most of all, illegal to wrongfully terminate them through such petitions! I believe in love no matter what the gender, race, or age! Heart Progress is trying to defend pedosexuals as well as giving them rights, now it's time to stick up for heart progress! SIGN THIS PETITION NOW IF YOU CARE ABOUT LOVE AND SEXUAL EQUALITY!!!!!!! DON'T LET HATE OR INJUSTICE WIN!!!!!!! #saveheartprogress