Petition To Strip Donald Trump From Pardon Rights

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We the people whom are concerned with all the corruption going on in government, not only in the white house but in every section have lost hope in the white house, the president, and congress. So we now summons this petition to the highest court of the land to strip the president from his powers to pardon anyone involved in any government indictment or such. Accused of or thought to be involved in any scandal of corruptions. We pray that the supreme courts hear our pleas and concerns and do the right thing and take this power away from not only the president, but also other government officials, or any other justice department that may also have that authority. We hope that this will be pushed forward in an urgent manner to secure the people that we will not be deprived of justice in a manner that shows no punishment for those with money and power that commit criminal acts, and punish those with less. Please take this as a very serious cause and do the right thing and the will of the people who sign this petition.

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