Petition to get Amy Coney Barrett out of Office

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This is a petition to get the new Associate Justice of the Supreme a court Amy Coney Barrett out of office. She was chosen by Trump to run for Supreme Court and by doing so, right before the 2020 election, he is tipping the court further to the right in his direction. She stands for Anti LGBTQ+ rights, Anti-Women’s rights, and is against Anti-Abortion rights. This lady could possibly sway the right for members of LGBTQ+ marriage right away. Being a woman, it’s embarrassing that she would want to take women’s rights away.  This goblin, in her past, had a case where a 19 year old girl got raped in a jail by a guard. She got pregnant, then raped again by the same guard. A jury decided she should get $6.7 million dollars but Ms. Barrett decided she should get 0. Also, the man was sentenced to only a few days in jail with a fee of $200. This world is moving backwards and it’s sad to see. To get more information on her please check out . We need to come together and stand with one another for what’s right! Please sign this petition and donate if you can.