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The President's 'Divide-and-Conquer' means nothing matters but himself

Bill Orton
Long Beach, CA, United States

Sep 9, 2017 — "If you don't stand for something, you stand for nothing."

Republicans are shocked. Democrats are wary.

And Richard Nixon is rolling in his grave.

The President clearly stands for one strategic goal -- hold power.

Shift from his own party so as to pony-up with the opposition suggests that the President is pursuing a new direction of the old game, to "Divide-and-Conquer," but now it is the Grand Old Party itself that is splintering.

Political posturing doesn't seem to matter, so in a way it is unimportant what issue is causing the division. All that matters to the President is... the President.

In 2015, the candidate who now holds power showed up in San Pedro, CA and made colorful photographic use of the USS Iowa battleship, in what is a good symbol of his method.

-- Show up.

-- Talk about yourself... it's all about you.

-- Wave your finger at the other side, which is yelling in fury, to say, "Oh look how terrible they are" while smiling for his friendly audience.

-- And then leave without saying much.

This is the President's practice. Communicate by photo, tweet, and cheering crowds, but stand for nothing.

Richard Nixon's own party must be wondering if the President stands for something, because he seems to stand for nothing.

What would the possible outcome be, if the President himself abandons the GOP?

-- Splinter his own party?

-- Prompt his own rank-and-file to argue with each other, and thus no one has enough votes for anything?

-- Cause Republicans who oppose the President to say enough that he can then find radical fringe opponents to take on campaigns that topple the rank-and-file?

Obviously, the Democratic party has no reason, and no members, to work in any fashion with the President.

Perhaps Diane Feinstein's own fractured collapse within her party shows that if you stick your head high enough, someone will swing a political knife to chop it off.

No leaders of the Democratic party will bend. This is NOT the first year of George W. Bush, who had Edward Kennedy authoring legislation on schools.

Since the President stands for nothing, no leader of the opposition can trust him.

Therefore, the most radical possible goal would be for the President to tear his own party apart.


He doesn't call himself a Republican these days.

He isn't a Democrat in any form.

Is the President seeking to lead a "movement" that forms another party?

If the President abandons the GOP so as to "Divide and Conquer" his own politicians, and then forms a third party, the voters who love the President would ditch the GOP.

The President talks of greatness, and shows an arrogance that suggests he believes in himself so greatly that he matters more than Mr. Lincoln's Grand Old Party.

Does the President intend to break away from politics as we've known it for more than 150 years, so that he can "make history" by dividing each major party through hatred?

If it is so that hatred is just a tool to "Divide and Conquer," and the only thing that matters is the President himself, then truly he stands for nothing.

Poor Richard Nixon. If 37 is starting to look pretty darned good, then 45 will fall for everything.

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