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OUSTER IMMINENT... House Judiciary passes impeachment... Senate likely to convict... Nixon drinks

Bill Orton
Long Beach, CA

Aug 6, 2017 — Joke, "Where's Henry?" Answer, "The President's too drunk."

At least we had Henry.

Nixon? "America's long national nightmare" steamed the summer of 1974.

The Judiciary Committee spent almost the whole year casting and examining and thinking with logic... then came, "Member Voter."

By overwhelming numbers, and sweeping bipartisan agreement, the House Judiciary vote sent the legislation to the House Rules Committee... the Floor Vote awaiting.

And there was Henry.

The President knows that the House committee spent the legislation to The Floor.

He drank.

The President knows that it doesn't look good.

He drinks harder.

Russia tweaks and pushes some buttons. Does it matter that the President is completely drunk?

It did not matter, because Henry was there.

And then marched Senator Barry Goldwater, of Arizona. Other GOP rank-and-file senior members charged in, and Mr. Goldwater declared, "We're here to see the President."

There they were, in the Oval Office.

Nixon may have been a crook, but he knew the laws and rules of politics. The First Rule? "Never make Elvis wait."

In comes angry senators.

Leading the charge is a Senator who ten years earlier ran as Party Nominee for President.

"Impeachment passed committee," said Mr. Goldwater. "And when it arrives [for Senate action], I'm putting in the motion to convict."

Senator Goldwater and the other senior GOP rank-and-file exit the Oval Office.

The President drinks hard all day, and into the night.

It's clear. The President must leave.

It's tomorrow.

"Effective noon tomorrow."

August 7th...

The new President -- Gerald Ford, of Michigan -- had become VP only a year earlier, when another crook resigned for money cheating.

Said Mr. Ford, "America's long national nightmare is over."

Perhaps it's only just again begun.


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