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Lackies stall, SCOTUS denies, GOP leadership turns their back, and time keeps ticking

Bill Orton
Long Beach, CA, United States

Jun 23, 2017 — The First Law of Politics is, "Time Keeps Ticking." If you don't use it, you lose it.

OUST 45 SAVE AMERICA put forward a Four Front battle to isolate the President, and get a truthful examination of whether a rich man is selling the country short just to stay rich.

Tick, tick, tick.



The GOP leadership is jamming any chance for an open examination, while the President brings Pravda-like Communist-style "journalists" into the Oval Office and feeds them information that makes his own people wince.

Tick, tick, tick.


If guilty, oust via the Supreme Court or Congress.

On March 20th, the Supreme Court denies the writ asking that the 2016 election be scrapped, and a new one ordered.

In Congress, rank-and-file go silent while GOP leadership tows the line to turn their eyes on any possible selling short of the country.

Meanwhile, the President and his family fly to Saudi Arabia. The day after our Commander-in-Chief makes the biggest weapon sale in that country -- of $110 million -- his own family is given $100 million as a contribution.

Tick, tick, tick.


Change the rules of the game.

Repeal the Constitutional amendment that limits a president to run for two terms.

Let 42 43 44 climb into a dynamic historical race, where progressives and the President vie with the former presidents. Who wins? The American people.

No one blinks an eye, while the President scowls and curses and cusses to vast swatches of the American people. Hatred is poisoning this nation, and all the President seems to care about is the selfishness of power.

Tick, tick, tick.


An open vigorous GOP primary fight...

If 42, 43, and 44 can’t run again, run a truly great Republican.

If there is no one who steps forward to challenge the President, then Mr. Lincoln's Grand Old Party now belongs to a rich man who is not kind, doesn't listen, and seems to not care about the truth, let alone know it.


If each of those Four Fronts is pushed off a cliff, then how could there be any hope of ousting the President?

Is it his own party? No. They surrendered, and now should be measured by their own absolute attachment to his politics.

Is it an open primary fight against him? Let's hope so, but that requires a contender with enough courage to take it on, and skill to hold cards close to the chest.

Does the Democratic Party stand as a viable alternative?

It seems inconceivable that the opposition is united, has the resources, and holds to a shared agenda.

It's just the opposite. There is no unity, since the machine seems to want a rematch, and others want to duke it out to take the nomination. That means that the Democratic Party will beat itself up so deeply that they are unable to get voters off the couch on Election Day. One have will growl that their person got defeated, and the low turnout will allow the President to crush the opposition.


Perhaps a party that doesn't exist, to create a path "Up the Middle."

Middle of what? Politics?

It's more like the Body of America.

This nation is like a human body. One arm is to the left. One is to the right. But those are just limbs. It is "up the middle" that feeds greatness to the people of this nation.

We're the smartest people on the planet. But the brain is being ignored, because one hand is swinging a hammer, and the other wielding a gun. Fear and hatred are taking the brain away from thought, and instead pushing us into chaos and anarchy.

We are the strongest nation in the world. Our chest is muscled, because we work harder than the people of any other nation. We have earned greatness, because always has our heart beat in a pulse of power that sustained us. We always walked straight, with the spine of courage.

Because we worked hard, because courage always mattered, we sat together at the table and ate a common meal. Yes, we argued at Thanksgiving, but we sustain one another by making sure that no one starves simply because our side is on top of the mountain of power.

We worked together. We build roads and rail track and won wars and landed humans on the moon. We always walked the long mile together, because each leg is important to achieve the mission of greatness.


Greatness is not a hat. It is not good hair and lots of money. It does not come simply through the rise into power.

George Washington was losing, yet he stuck with it, while the Red Coat army of the King killed people who wanted a Revolution. Only the arrival of the French military gave General Washington the ally that allowed greatness to come our way.

What did George Washington do? Fall to his knee, and lower his head, to ask of God His help to achieve greatness far beyond what a mere mortal can achieve.

When our people were bitterly divided and states peeled away from our imperfect Union, an honest man won election, as the second candidate of the Republican party. No one thought he would win. And while he waited four months to take office, rebellion tore our Union in half, and bombs fell upon our own military.

Everyone has family. Every family weeps at the lose of loved ones. Ever rebellion is tainted by tears. But no matter the beauty one sees in a symbol of rebellion, it was the greatness of Mr. Lincoln that reunited this imperfect Union. Yet as victory drew near, division remained so violent that our second "great" president was shot dead by hatred carrying a pistol.


In 1860, who would have believed that Mr. Lincoln would win?

In 1912, who could have thought that the incumbent president would come in third, when a Bull Moose took on the race?

In 1948, who could imagine that Harry Truman would beat everyone in a four person campaign, where love and hate duked it out against the major party nominees?


An "Up the Middle" race is not based on politics. Everyone has their own view. It's a free country.

The way to oust 45 is to not play the game he uses to divide and conquer our people.

Hatred and fear are his vehicle to success. He shows no kindness, doesn't listen, and seems to not care about the truth.

So the way to win is to be kind, to listen, and to care about the truth.

Right now, that does not seem possible for an opposition that is beating one another up with a tightly-controlled machine versus a loosely guided alternative.

Maybe "Up the Middle" means bringing together faces we know, and even from opposing parties and views, who would work together, cut across the lines, and again allow the brain, the heart, the spine, the stomach and the legs to carry our people to greatness.

If the left and right arm just swing a hammer and fire a gun, the body of America will perish.

Keep fighting for people power!

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