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Does it take an "Up the Middle" third party to change the game of politics?

Bill Orton
Long Beach, CA, United States

Jun 15, 2017 — Americans suffer from an ongoing battle of hatred.

Our President doesn't seem to love The People. He isn't kind. He does not listen. And we all wonder if he knows the truth, let alone tell it.

His opponents get punched and slammed, by the President and everyone around him.

Those who love the President, they hate the vast swatch of ordinary Americans that he hates.

Those who hate the President, they hate anyone who loves him.


How can we change our nation? How do we rescue our people?

Is each side standing so far on the fringe that the "Silent Majority" is afraid of how awful the coming years are?


Maybe a barn dance is a good way to start. Doesn't matter where it happen. Just bring The People back together. Let them line up and dance, like "Soul Train," where everybody bumps their hands together, and says, "Thank you, thank you very much."

Then sit together, eat together, and listen to one another.

It's a free country. Everyone has the right to their opinions. But if the truth is hiding and people are in fear, then politics is going to just be a duke-fest until 2020. And then it will get worse.

I've left the Democratic party.

I've registered for a party that technically does not exist.

I'm throwing a barn dance on Independence Day, just because July 4th seems like the right moment to say, "Let's stop hating each other, and work together again."

The barn dance won't be in a barn. It isn't in the countryside. It's a Thai restaurant in an urban city.

But Hank Williams or Bob Dylan or the Beatles seem like a better alternative to our politics than hacking and slashing.

Independence Day 2017 is the first-ever public event of the PARTY OF GRACE. We're so tiny that the back seat can hold boxes when we drive to set up the event.

But if Party of Grace comes to be, then we will work to bring The People back together, and to reach across the middle and work with everyone.

Imagine... people willing to be kind, to listen, and seek the truth.

Feels like a different political path for America.

It's a political reviv'ul.

Thanks for reading.

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