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If the GOP rank-and-file turn their back, 45 wins and they will lose

Bill Orton
Long Beach, CA, United States

Jun 8, 2017 — The leadership of Mr. Lincoln's Grand Old Party don't care about Mr. Lincoln, or anyone, except the President.

Do what he demands, and he will do what you request.

The Speaker has been pushing radical changes in core elements of government actions since he wrote ideas for other politicians. Ending Social Security is something he's been push for years. Now, he just happens to have a President who will follow his agenda.

Mr. McConnell, in the Senate, likewise is beholden to a man that signs anything put in front of him.

The only hope for courage to challenge blatant abuse of power is the GOP rank-and-file. Without them, there is nothing that will happen in the next few years except blabbering hatred that is used as a tool to mask a radical agenda.


When hatred is used as a tool, it has the effect of lighting a match under a drape or scrap of paper. What one sees is the terror of fire, and then the choking cloud of smoke.

There is real risk when fire burns. Right now, in America, that burn is open rising hatred. Everyone. No matter who you love. Hatred so deep that we are ripping apart as a nation.

Look about. Riots are happening. Bitterness is so deep that some share memes of a dead President. Others feel that they can toss their two cents atop the meme, as though it is some silly little game.

This is how John Kennedy died. This is why Mr. Lincoln died. This is why other presidents were shot, by an anarchist and another getting off a train.

In the other direction, there is such deep hatred that the President feeds on that people are being beat up. Threats are cast in the deepest form, to people guilty of nothing.

Who knows if TREASON is true, whether the Russian leader bought an ally?

Who knows if BRIBERY is true, that a buy-ff of an election, or begging to ride a fancy cart, of getting $100 million for your family foundation because you made the biggest weapon sale ever the day before in Saudi Arabia?

Who knows what the true is?

But only the truth is true. There is no half-truth. And we are never so blind as a people that true forever is beyond our vision.

Anyone glancing a dozen years ago know that Mr. Bush didn't quite spin things right about Iraq. What we know now would make it impossible for that war to have occurred in the way that it did.

There is only one truth.

Thus, when it became obvious that war was brought about with a blind eye, the GOP lost their majority, in 2006.

The risk for the Grand Old Party is deeper than ever.

The hatred is deeper than ever.

The likelihood of division is deeper.

Hatred is now so deep that voters opposed to everything abour this President will voter blindly in hatred.

A swell of votes will wash out the GOP.

The only tool of the President is to continue pushing hate and fear, so deeply that the "Silent Majority" just gives up, and doesn't vote, because they are disgusted.

If that is the strategy of tweets and cussing and the finger, then there is no way on God's green earth that Heaven will embrace the politics of Hell.

The rank-and-file of the GOP has one election on their own coming up. The decision to turn their back on the truth -- by not investigating or caring about what might be true -- will simply tell voters that they don't care about what might be true. They don't care about independence.

If the GOP rank-and-file is so spineless that they wimp out completely and kiss the ring of this President, then every one of them will face an election in what posters are not showing THEIR OWN face, but that of a hated rich man who cares only about his own wealth.

May the GOP be wise about this dangerous period, because giving a blind support for the vulture of hate means that they too are circling a mountain, awaiting the collapse of decency in this blessed nation.

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