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How does one oust a President when division is his silly game?

Bill Orton
Long Beach, CA, United States

Apr 30, 2017 — The only way to oust 45 and save America is to reunify our people.

Hatred is the cause of our division. It is a silly game with horrifying impact on our nation.

How does 45 play the game of hate?

-- Openly push hate, as a candidate.

-- Others who hate people become the pawns in your game. Those who hate will love you, because you both hate other people.

-- Those you hate become pawns on the other side. Even people motivated by love get ripped apart by your hate.

-- When love and hate go into open battle, then the game goes your way. Put a silly hat on your head, and everybody is divided by the symbol of just a few words. Every other word spoken is meaningless.

-- Run down the clock. When love and hate rip the people apart, and words are meaningless, then the opponent runs out of time.

This is how a candidate won. Now, division remains a tool for selfishness.

This is a free country, and everybody has a right to their political opinions. So while we may vigorously disagree, every prior President still LOVED the people. Now, division is itself caused by the President.


It is true, that we cannot legislate the human heart.

-- If we are KIND, then you smile, instead of yell.

-- If you LISTEN, then everyone can talk.

-- If the TRUTH matters, then sometimes views shift, because the only truth is that which is truth. There is no HALF-truth.

The way to oust 45 is to show that he is not kind, does not listen, and does not follow the truth.

Those basic principles mean we each should push down our own hatred. If you hate others, then let them simply have their opinion. If you love others, then don't hate just because someone doesn't agree.

That is how this nation has BEEN great for centuries. We are the most diverse nation in the world. We worked together to win wars and achieve massive growth.

Isolating the President must bring all sides together, so that a bipartisan push makes it impossible for him to stay.

There are fronts to fight in battles to oust the President. They are waged as you breath.

The challenge each American faces is to cleanse our own heart and mind. The "Body of America" is not controlled now by the intelligence of our mind or steady pulsing of our heart. Instead, the right and left hands are swinging a hammer and knife.


If each sets down a hammer or knife, and the hands come together to save this nation, then 45 will be seen as a soul locked in hatred. Always will there be a small fringe of others who are locked in their own hatred. Some are rooks and knights of 45's little game.

If a vast "silent majority" of America reach out, stop yelling, listen to one another, and tell the truth, then quickly the thin-skin of 45 will show that hate is not the way to make this nation great.

Keep fighting for people power!

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