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If the President is a crook, both sides must come together to save our country

Bill Orton
Long Beach, CA, United States

Apr 25, 2017 — The FIRST FRONT in the battle to oust the President is for truth to be told. Is the President a crook?

The ouster of Mr. Nixon came through bipartisan agreement that the President needed to go.

Members of both parties worked together to sift through the treason of deception by a man who hid memos and tapes, releasing them ONLY when the equal branch of the Supreme Court ordered in 9-to-0 votes that he show what is truth.

Now, a honeymoon of America is instead our long national nightmare.

Leaders of the Grand Old Party are beholden to the President, but the rank and file can isolate and then lead to the removal of 45.


In 1974, Members of the House Judiciary Committee voted across party lines to send impeachment to the floor. As the House stood ready, a group of rank-and-file Republican senators marched to the White House.

Sen. Barry Goldwater, of AZ, the GOP nominee ten years earlier, told the President that the House had a motion to put impeachment onto the floor, and it would pass. When it reached the Senate, said Mr. Goldwater, it would be HIMSELF who would move for conviction.

The next day, Mr. Nixon told the American people that he resigned.

Like water itself, AuH2O acted as a universal solvent.

We need that freshening of water now.

Hatred plays like a fiddle for a President who uses the tool of fury as a dancing game. Make everyone mad, and you divide the nation. Keep everyone yelling, and no one works together.

The game of eating cake while dropping bombs, or firing off spit through tweets, or a face twisted by hate -- those who love him, or those who hate him -- are games. If he distracts us, he wins his "great game," of holding power.

It is true, as President Eisenhower said, that, "We cannot legislate the human heart." But our greatest tool to oust the President is cooperation.

Let us stop yelling at one another. Left and right arms are important for the Body of America, but we need our spine to stand straight, our heart to remain beating, and a mind that pushes aside distraction.

Bring the left and right hands together. Hold our hands in unity. And then the cleaving of a butcher of hate and lies will not sliver this nation.

Keep fighting for people power!

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