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Good hair and a nice hat doesn't mean that Bozo isn't a clown

Bill Orton
Long Beach, CA, United States

Apr 18, 2017 — A clown may be a professional, but remains a clown.

When the clown is thin-skinned, then the tool is to push eyes away from signatures and issues. Instead, make people argue and squabble. Divide to conquer. Toss bombs so that sweeping legislative changes are ignored.

Leadership is beholden, on both sides. The majority is jamming their agency and must be the President's lackeys. The minority must hold tight to the chest and is thus unwilling to think outside the box.

What is the alternative?

Isolate the President.

-- Show that Abraham Lincoln's Grand Old Party is being cheated.

-- Show that leaders face a choice, to either turn their back, or to abandon 45.

-- Show the public that a clown can dress nicely, but is still a clown.

If leadership on both sides is locked down, then rank-and-file must achieve what 1974 brought, namely a bipartisan momentum that ultimately pushed Richard Nixon to resign.

Ousting the President to save America should not be about specific politics. Everyone has their right to a political view. And each side has radicalized. So the center -- that "silent majority" -- will either galvanize against the President, or sit on the couch and be so disgusted that they don't vote.

Ouster only will occur by the President's growing isolation. That will happen only when rank-and-file agree that 45 is damaging government.

I've written to every standing President since Gerald Ford. (Won't be writing to this one, but I imagine jibbering like this may fall to his attention.)

I am pleased that heart surgery and a stroke have not utterly taken away my ability to think and write. But I am just a schlub, with no money or clout. Just putting thought onto the web, and in personal letters, so as to put forward thinking that goes beyond what is basically an inability to step back from the President's careful distractions.

I don't know whether 39 41 43 44 will see my messages to them, by pen and email. 42's wife being so closely tied to the election makes comments like mine unhelpful, so I am not reaching to them.

I seek bipartisan action because saving the country is worth more than political agendas.

I thank Sen. John McCain for his courage, at painting the President by broad strokes of critique. His words echo the AuH2O that cleansed our nation, and finally resulted in what 38 correctly said that, "America's long national nightmare is over."

Unless we stop yelling, there will quite possibly be victory for 45 due to jibbering, clowning, and systematic distraction. Eating cake and dropping bombs could simply be an act of distraction. If so, then one man would toss our own nation into risk, just to hold the office and use it to get richer.

Your signature would be helpful, of course. But this concept it put forward so that the revolutionary tool of the internet can toss ideas into your eyes so that tight-fisted leaders don't have the only tools.

Please sign, certainly.

Please spread, absolutely.

And please hold your nose at ideas that don't make you happy (like 42 43 44 all having a shot to win).

If we move beyond demanding that only our desires should win, then the victory is for all of the American people.

Except for Bozo.

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