Officer lies under oath . Causing 20 year old two life sentences on a crime he didnt commi

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Officer Tracy Weiss lied under oat stating a white male gave her a false name. Knowing it was black male and giving this lie gave the courts and jury the right to believe that Kyle Sawyer was a lier and was hiding his identity due wanting to hide something so they convicted him for Robbery and gave him two life sentences. Kyle is a 20 year old white male. Seven eye witness stated their was 5 black males that robbed the credit union in orlando June 28 2010 but only one white male was sentence to 2 life sentences and after many appeals and many pleads his been denied his freedom kyle sawyer was arrested at 15 and sentenced as an adult for multiple charges and then when released at 19 forced to sign a  reoffender act and 6 months later walking to get ready for work thrown to the ground and arrested for VOP and then sentenced 2 life sentenced without the ARRESTING officer even coming to trail then the ARRESTING officer refused to come . It should be a mandatory for arresting officer to come and the REOFFENDERS act should be thrown out .For Kyle had only been arrested 2 times his whole life .  There is people starving children getting 4 years, people high jacking planes get 12 years and stabbing people to almost death receiving 30 years and now 20 year old kid gets 2 life sentences for fabrication and lies made by officers and prosecution we all know the officer knew she arrested 2 black males never even seen kyle sawyer that should be grounds of dismissal of this case  . THIS IS A PETITION TO LET KYLE SAWYER FREE WE THE PEOPLE BELIEVE THE JUSTIC SYSTEM IS CORRUPTED AND KYLE SAWYER WAS WRONGFULLY CONVICTED AND WE THE PEOPLE SAY HIS NOT GUILTY PROOF OF EVIDENCE AND WE WANT HIM RELEASE NOW. YOUVE TOOKEN 10 YEARS OF HIS LIFE ON THIS CRIME HE DIDNT COMMIT ALL BECAUSE YOU WANTED HIM TO SIGN A FALSE STATEMENT AND  HE REFUSED SO YOU TOOK HIS LIFE WE HAVE THE PROOF THAT THE COURTS LIED AND BLACKED OUT DOCUMENTS AND USED FALSE RECORDS AND EVEN LIED UNDER OATH AND PLOTTED TOWARDS KYLE THANKS TO RECORDED TRANSCRIPTS IN OUR COURT ROOM. NOW LETS RELEASE THE INNOCENT AND REMOVE THE GUILTY FROM OUR COURT ROOMS.