Kappa Deltas Against Judge Amy Coney Barrett

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Judge Amy Coney Barrett has been nominated by President Trump to replace RBG's seat on the Supreme Court. Her beliefs are detrimental to the progress Ruth Bader Ginsburg created for women in this country and she has a history of ruling in favor of her personal beliefs.  Additionally, it is my personal opinion that she is being used pushed into the Supreme Court so that Trump can challenge the election results and bring it to the Supreme Court, knowing that she will rule in his favor. 

Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a member of the Kappa Delta Sorority. It is clear that many members believe her to be a threat to our own livelihoods as well as to the future generations. In the case of Doe vs. Purdue, Amy Coney Barrett suggested that the man who had been found guilty of sexual violence had been discriminated against due to his gender. How will this effect her very own Kappa Delta sisters that pledge every year? In a 2007 study, it revealed 84% of female sexual assault survivors were attacked in their first four semesters of college. Would Amy Coney Barrett protect our youngest members in a Supreme Court case? 

It is clear that Amy Coney Barrett does not intend to defend the rights of marginalized peoples. This has a direct effect on every current and future member of Kappa Delta- many of whom belong to or are allies of BIPOC and LGBQT+ communities. Sister Laura(@llbean618) tweets, "I am a Kappa Delta. To be honorable, beautiful and highest is to respect HUMAN RIGHTS. It means to stand up for women's rights. It means to support BIPOC, LGBQT+, using my privelege to help move in a different direction. ACB does not represent me or KD values as a whole." We cannot acknowledge an accomplishment that takes one step forward but sends us 100 steps back. 

As Kappa Deltas, we swore an oath to hold each other to that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest; to build confidence in women and inspire them to action.

Take action today, and make your voice heard. Sign this petition to show that we denounce the nomination of our own Kappa Delta sister, Judge Amy Coney Barrett. 


2007 study: https://www.knowyourix.org/issues/statistics/#:~:text=Prevalence&text=84%25%20of%20female%20survivors%20report,red%20zone'%20on%20college%20campuses.&text=13%25%20of%20women%20report%20being%20stalked%20during%20their%20time%20in%20college

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