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Today, a young black girl in Michigan who is struggling with ADHD was sent to juvenile detention because she failed to turn in homework online during the pandemic and she is still there as we speak. The young girl's name is Grace. She apparently was on probation and was reported by her caseworker- Rachel Giroux for violation of probation. This caseworker was fully aware of Grace's condition, yet failed to acknowledge the mother's report of how her child's disability impaired her ability to complete her assignments. The caseworker also neglected to assess the child for any secondary conditions (i.e. depression, anxiety) which could have also made it so that completing her work was not possible. Grace's rights as a child with a disability were violated and she was unjustly punished, traumatized by her arrest and exposure to COVID19 on the word of a negligent caseworker. Sign this petition to push for Grace to be released IMMEDIATLY.  Thank you.