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Its time to get RID of white supremacists and neo nazis for good.

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It’s time to get rid of white supremists and neo Nazis once and for all 

Let’s call them what they are…TERRORISTS and ENEMIES OF THE STATE… 

They are NOT Americans. They never were to begin with in many cases…some were born into the hatred, some bought into it, but the moment it became their moral compass, they stopped being Americans. 

They believe in a MASTER RACE!!! They do NOT believe that ALL men are created EQUAL…. They do NOT believe that human rights are INAILEABLE… They do NOT believe in the Bill of Rights, except for themselves…They are ACTIVELY trying to CHANGE OUR LAWS to allow discrimination, voter suppression, the literal FUSION of church and state…they want to dole out rights to the "lesser races" as doggie treats for good behavior!! 

They have THREATENED WAR many times…TWICE in the last YEAR…the 1st time was “If trump doesn’t win the election” now it’s “If Trump gets impeached” …they would “take to the streets in a bloody revolution” ….they have threatened to SECEDE many times and did so again just recently….

SO WHY NOT GET RID OF THEM??? It’s what they wanted anyway…

They keep saying the left lost the election and we should “GET OVER IT” … all the while NOT accepting the fact that the SOUTH lost the CIVIL WAR 150 years ago and they STILL HAVENT GOTTEN OVER IT…. In fact, it can be said that the KKK who were later joined by NEO NAZIS are TERRORIST CELLS within the US... they have been planning SEDITION for 150 years… 

They are nothing short of an American version of ISIS. 

Their philosophy is 180 degrees from what AMERICAN values are…we are a nation of plurality…a nation of immigrants… a nation where all viewpoints are welcome….and we are a free nation…. 

And that’s what needs to change…just a little…because that freedom without responsibility is destroying the very freedom we stand for.

These people and their way of life is like the antimatter to America’s NORMAL matter…they cannot coexist without mutual annihilation. The only thing that till now has been isolating their antimatter from us is the magnetic forcefield called fear and shame…

without that fear and shame keeping some people in check we can expect this....

the legal age of consent in Michigan is 16 with no upper age can child molesters start putting flyers on cars in high school parking lots advertising for sex partners? can they start "support groups" for curious young boys and their gay mentors or young girls with heterosexual 50-60  yr old male mentors into 16 yr old girls and if sex happens...well its legal ...right???"  and if theyre into younger kids...there ARE states with even LOWER age of consent laws.....

 SOME free speech safeguards are NEEDED... 

Criminals have their freedoms taken because they committed acts that warrant the revoking of those freedoms… I put forth the argument that the White Nationalist Alt Right White supremist Neo Nazi cult has done just that, citing the examples listed above. I would FURTHER argue that it meets the definition of Sedition because its possible to do illegal activity within a legal gathering....Case in point... the Ann Arbor hash bash is a legal protest...but smoking pot on state property is not but they do it within the confines of the protest... they get arrested and prosecuted... the same can be said for neo nazi and white supremist rhetoric being spread at a rally that is supposed to only be about free speech...that would meet the definition of sedition. 

As an APPROPRIATE punishment in response to these ongoing and heinous crimes against the very fabric of democracy, I propose that they be identified, EXPOSED PUBLICALLY and IMMEDIATELY have their citizenship STRIPPED from them…and subsequently their civil rights and ESPECIALLY their VOTING rights… they must be REMOVED FROM ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT everywhere they are found from Garbage Collectors, to Law enforcement, to SCOTUS, to the Office of the President.

The Bible speaks of evil like it was yeast… that one small piece of leaven corrupts the whole lump. This is the reason why this particular evil must be completely purged from this nation…forever. 

Furthermore, these criminals must be EXILED and NEVER allowed to return… just like they proposed for people who leave to fight with ISIS… or better yet perhaps we can give them a choice…if they want to stay here… they should be ENSLAVED themselves for 4 generations…because this hate is generational we must be sure this cancer is in complete remission before these people are allowed back in society as ASSIMILATED citizens…like they SHOULD have been after the civil war 150 years ago.

Turnabout is fair play…it would be poetic justice to see how the “Master Race” handles being someone’s PROPERTY. To see their CHILDREN sold off… I propose 4 generations to make sure none of them grow up under that kind of hate…and as a symbolic punishment since the KKK symbol is the Nazi salute with the four fingers separated…we need to make each and every symbol of their resistance and hatred become a painful lesson to them.

It sounds almost barbaric and anti-American…but this is the kind of America THEY wanted to create…so they need to know what it would be like if THEY were the slaves instead…. Unfortunately, THAT’S the only way to teach some people…they need to be PUT THROUGH the fire themselves to understand that its HOT.



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