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I'm here on the behalf of my brother Dennis Thompson who was born in raised in Starkville, Ms where he attended school and was a outstanding football player who had great grades until the night of May 22 2010 where he attended a graduation party with some of his fellow teammates and friends that ended in gun fire with one person died and three other's injured. Dennis Thompson was arrested and charged with murder and aggravated assault ×3 later on that night after turning himself in for questioning. Now four years later he goes to trial just to find out there was no was physical evidence that said he committed either one of the crimes he was charged with the state even call in a autopsy expert who was one of the state witnesses​ which he never confirmed that Dennis Thompson killed anyone because from what he discovered in the died man body was a entrance and exit wound so there for he can't say Dennis Thompson killed Mr. Randle because the gun Thompson supposedly shot there was no bullet to match it he also goes on to say he didn't no if Mr. Randle was shot close range or from a long distance. The state had nothing to pin point Dennis Thompson to commiting these charges but some how still manage to find him guilty and sentences him to 40 years in the custody of Mississippi Department Of Correction. I'm here to seek help in getting him a fair trial and correct justice.


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