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Sometime in January, our dear close friend of 7 yrs found out she was pregnant, just as we suspected and had her go to her doctor to verify. She was then 7 and 1/2 months along. She did not feel she could provide the life this little one needed. From her verification of being pregnant, we worked day in and day out obtaining all items needed for said child when they came along. We discussed with adoption agencies, lawyers, courts, hospitals, and just about every other person for advice in how to finalize the process of my husband and myself adopting said child. Said child was born on February 26, 2017, prior to being able to obtain legal guardianship/adoption for said child. Said child's name, it is from countless hrs speaking to in the tummy, from massaging her tummy as she felt immense pain at times. We helped her to eat and sleep as well. If it weren't for us she may not have brought said child to full term. Said child was born a healthy 6 pounds, 5 oz, 19 inches long, however did have withdrawals from methadone, which said child, is fighting like a champ :) Said child is amazing and smart at such a first start. We are a loving family. A couple together for 4 yrs, and married 1. I have held my 4th job for 2 yrs, since I turned 18 yrs old. We have had stable housing for 3 yrs and see a therapist who has known us for 4 yrs (my husband for 7 yrs) for help with coping of life's challenges. We have 3 god children, all knowing us as Aunt&Uncle, 1 niece, and have cared for numerous other children in our family and friends. The birth mother wanted us to develop the bond, as we did. Said child fusses in others arms many times, but placed in our arms said child will calm down instantly, most times. If that is not bonding, I don't know what is. We have limited income due to my husband is working on disability and I am working full time. We love this child and consider said child ours' even though the legal process does not state so. The mother is incompetent and unable to provide any basic needs or hold a stable job and housing to obtain those needs. Please help to bring this child home to a loving family and a major stable support system. We are in foster care classes as well. 

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