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Gun Law Change

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Every American wants to feel safe and not face the fear of being shot while at a Church or at a Concert. Limiting access to guns to those who are mentally unfit can be the first step in reducing gun violence in America. The 2nd amendment should be protected, and anyone who can prove they are mentally capable of owning a gun should be able to. Limiting the amount of guns an indivdual can purchase is essential to creating a more peaceful environment for all. Assault weapons and products that create rapid fire should not be available for purchase. Background and mental wellness checks should be introduced and revisited periodically to all gun owners. 


What Americans want:

  1. Background and Mental wellness checks for gun owners
  2. Ban on Automatic & Semi-Automatic Weapons and attachments
  3. Limit on the amount of guns one person can purchase


Everyone can agree we want to live in a society where we feel safe, these small changes can greatly impact your safety in a positive way. Everyone should have the right to own a gun, but we should also be responsible when we allow people to own weapons. America is great because of its diversity and our ability to come together for a common goal, no matter your party affiliations. 

If one persons life could be saved by these small steps, why wouldn’t we?


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