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Just Ignore "Bob FSTDT"

He signed 2 months ago while I was away but in the typical mocking fashion that FSTDT users use with those they've quoted, chronically unable to talk to said quotees any other way.  See, the anonymous users of FSTDT have a nasty habit of calling me "Bob" or "Bobby" as much as humanly possible because, ever since I told them only one time not to call me such, they saw it as a weakness and are now determined to exploit it for as long as they see fit.  This reminds me of a self-proclaimed troll I once met on DeviantArt a couple of years ago (he's gone now) who contested that people should use trolls to make them "better" because trolls, like the folks at FSTDT, hunt for weaknesses to furiously exploit, then move on to their next target once those weaknesses stop showing. Whatever a civil person would do, FSTDT's users are preprogrammed to do the opposite. The only reason they support freedom of speech, to paraphrase their words, is so they can have something to attack—clearly an expression of their desire to have dictatorial control over the Internet. They do not understand: my main issue with FSTDT is not that I feel “oppressed” or anything.  It’s that I never wanted any part in the drama, that someone surreptitiously dragged me into it out of spite because I turned off the comments on a journal entry she wanted to comment on, and that these people want to involve themselves in issues that have nothing directly to do with them.  Everything was fine before the trolls were invited into my life as some cheap prank, and now, every time I or one of my watchers says anything that FSTDT’s populace perceives as a weakness, they gang up on it like vultures. But, no matter how much I try to convince them, FSTDT’s NPCs can only recognize any negative reaction to their words or actions as the feeling of being “oppressed.”  They don’t understand that some people simply find them annoying attention hogs.  I was never truly intimidated by their empty threats of violence or rape but deeply disturbed (and sometimes amused) that anyone would have the nerve to sink that low and use words that people can arrest or sue other people for using, even if the words don’t match the intentions.  They want other people’s attention, but we at DeviantArt just want to be left alone.  We all have enough annoyances in our personal lives as it is, not that FSTDT users care about adding on to the annoyance. Is leaving us alone truly too much to ask of them?

Robert Hamish MacDiarmid
2 years ago