End Family Law bias against custodial parents who remarry a US service member

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Custodial parents all over the US are subjected to unfair hearings and outcomes simply because they remarry a service member. A move cannot be the source of detriment when a parent has been devoted and a source of love and continuity for a child or multiple children. Exemplary parents are losing custody of their kids every day because the other parent simply "doesn't approve". These same parents sometimes put their lives on hold, stay behind without their spouse, and go to incredible lengths and sacrifice unnecessarily to appease the parent that doesn't approve. All because the person they remarried chooses to serve their country honorably and "may" have future moves. If moves are a source of true detriment, then no person could ever move until children are adults. 

Also, children should never be separated simply because they are half siblings. Young half siblings don't know they are half, and they should never be treated as anything but blood if that's what they believe. Especially if they have never been separated their entire lives. The relationships they form and the bonds they feel are real and no parent should ever try to come between it. A non-custodial parent will always have a bond with their child for life no matter the distance, if the bond is true. Siblings that are removed from each other unwillingly will be forever changed. 

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