DNA Testing for Custody and/ Divorce Proceeding Families

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This petition would allow all parents and children involved in custody and divorce proceedings would establish a clear relationship between the parties involved and anyone who will have a responsibility to care for the children till adulthood. 

Testing of DNA could reduce the number of proceedings throughout the country. Could reduce the number of true birth parents not knowing of a child they may have. Could reduce the number of who take on responsibility not knowing the truth.  Could reduce time and efforts of court systems over parental arguments that are unestablished or not known.

Other DNA tests done prior can be used from sites such as DNAAncestry or UandMe23, etc., to save families costs on DNA tests. 

In cases where assumed parenthood is found false the parent of question can have a choice to adopt the child if true biological parents sign off and agree to the adoption and/or the child is included on their personal choice of parenthood at a respectful age. This would then be the ruling a parenthood for the child in question. 

Many families will bond knowing without doubt where they stand in the lives of each other without worry. Help us and sign!