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I've been in litigation for 11 years with the paternal grandparents, over my daughter, in the state of Arkansas. The grandparents (Donna and Larry Herrington) are from Stuttgart, Arkansas. The mother (Tamera Troesken) is from Eagan, Minnesota. In September 2007, the mother and father (Scott Herrington) and the 3yr old daughter decided to move to Stuttgart, Arkansas to try and make it work as a family. After a seven week trial and error the mother (myself) decided it wasn't going to work and planned to return back to Minnesota with her child (S.H.). The grandfather was opposed to the idea and used his authority as a sheriff (and is best friends with the only judge and prosecuting attorney) in the county. He had an immediate order signed by the judge giving them emergency temporary guardianship, the child was not allowed to leave the state of Arkansas until a pending hearing. Due to the conflict of interest, the hearing was prolonged for about six months. If any two parents reside in a state for six months or longer automatically that state gets jurisdiction, at that point Minnesota no longer had any authority over the matter. At that point the mother no longer any constitutional rights, due to the conflict of interest between the grandfather (Larry) Prosecuting Attorney (Robert Dittrich) and judge (David Henry). This was not an impartial court, grandparents were favored, and the mother had her constitutional rights were violated (right to parent their own child). (In 2008) After fighting the unjust court in Stuttgart, Arkansas the mother, (myself Tamera Troesken) decided to return to Minnesota to build her case against the grandparents that legally kidnapped her child (S.H.). From 2008-2012 my family, (mothers family), fought in the corrupt court in Stuttgart to get our case out of the hands of Judge henry and brought before the Appellate court to intervene. The appeal was filed in, and ruled on May 31, 2012 ( The Supreme Court of AR unanimously ruled in the mothers favor and order the circuit court to have a hearing and rule based on impartial guidelines (. Between the time the supreme court ruled and Judge Henry prolonged a hearing for nearly a year and a half. October 2014 we had the Hearing and The judge ruled in the grandparents favor, his reasoning was based on the fact that I had another child out of wedlock, and that I was living with a man I was not married to. I then Appealed judge Henrys ruling through Supreme Court. I received the ruling from supreme court on February 26, 2015. The supreme court unanimously ruled in my favor, six out of the seven justices ruled in my (favor The supreme court orders that the child be released immediately into the mothers (Tamera Troesken) custody, (full physical and legal custody). S.H. was returned and reunited with her mother in Minnesota on May 31, 2015. Grandparent got awarded visitation for six weeks out of the summer.

Since I, the mother, (Tamera Troesken) gained full custody of my daughter and she returned home to MN, the grandparents have been filling motions, with hopes of gaining custody of S.H., with both MN court, and the AR court. The grandparents have been interfering with the mother daughter relationship ever since the child was returned to its mother. Every two months they were filling motions followed by frequent welfare checks by the local law enforcement. Prior to the grandparents have their 2016 summer visitation, they threatened many times that once they got her for their visitation that they were going to keep her!!!!! I then was acting on the best interest of my child and denied the visitation. I also stopped all phone contact between grandparents and the child due to the conversations were only focused on them trying to build a case instead of having a loving conversation with their grand-daughter! 

There was a hearing (hearing over the grandparents 'The petioners' (Donna and Larry Herrington)missed summer visitation 2016, denying frequent and uninhibited phone contact, and failing to provide the child's whereabouts   set for March 31, 2017 in Stuttgart, AR. I, the mother failed to attend this hearing due to starting a new job, and couldn't afford the legal/travel expenses either. The result from this March 31st hearing the judges ruling was as follows; I, the mother Tamera Troesken was found 'In-contempt' of court for violating the court order (in May 2015 that awarding grandparent visitation). I denied the grandparent summer 2016 visitation due to the prior threats of keeping my daughter, and denied the phone contact due the inappropriate conversation of building a case against me, the moth, through the grandmother. THE CONTEMPT charge consists of also a class D-felony. They had me thrown in jail, but was released due to a pending EXTRADITION HEARING.


I have an Extradition hearing set for August 29,2017. Arkansas wants to expedite me, the mother, to the state of Arkansas Penitentiary for with-holding grandparents visitation. They have now charged me with two class-D felonies over this matter. The prosecuting attorney and judge that has made these charges against me are the ones that are a conflict of interest with the filing petioners (Donna and Larry Herrington). MY PLEAD in this petition is to gain justice over my case and for the judge to drop all extradition charges immediately, and no more further litigation from the petioners/grandparents. Please help support my petition by providing your signature. Thank you.

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